Wow I just realized that it’s been probably 5ish years since I last updated the “about” section of my blog.

WELCOME – I am Rambling Mom aka Liz DeLise THE LIZ DELISE aka Lil Liz aka Mom, Ma, Mama, Mommy, Mum…you get my point.  I have 5 fabulous children but my hands are not full.  I am “The Luckiest” and married to my apparent soul mate [that’s his term – I don’t really believe in soul mates like he does but that’s a story for another day].  We also have 2 dogs.  There are others in my life as well and when all the jagged puzzle pieces are put together it makes the most incredible/interesting “family” one could ever hope for!

James Joyce and the race in Dedham, Massachusetts; the James Joyce Ramble was my inspiration for the name “Rambling Mom” – as you can see, I tend to write in stream of consciousness so I apologize ahead of time for my ramblings but I hope you enjoy them.

This blog is brought to you by the letter F and the number 3: Food, Family & Fitness.

I’m no pro at anything – I’m just me – Enjoy!


*photo by: Honeylet Photography

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