Covert Vegan Cupcakes

Troy says I blew my cover with my first covert vegan recipe post. I’m still sticking with covert vegan though because I am not 100% vegan but this recipe is. It also can be adapted to be gluten free as well.

A lady in our neighborhood makes cupcakes and every single time I see her post I want one but I know my GI system can’t handle cupcakes anymore. Add on top of that the Fayetteville Running Club Cupcake Challenge that’s currently going on and the craving has crazy increased and I just had to do something about it!

After doing some recipe research I again realized that I hadn’t come across a recipe that would fit all my personal dietary needs so I made adjustments and came up with this one. Even if you aren’t vegan consider giving it a try! My kiddos unanimously approved of these cupcakes. Enjoy! [Not the best cupcake pic because we totally didn’t wait long enjoy to enjoy these and frost them properly -haha].

Note: to make the recipe below gluten free substitute the all purpose flour with Bob’s Red Mill 1-to-1 Gluten Free Baking Flour.

Also, for vegan butter I recommend using Earth Balance Soy Free Buttery Spread.