Recipe for Lent – Vegetarian Potato Soup

It is Ash Wednesday and I confess in true world’s most mediocre Catholic fashion I did not get my ashes today. I try to get them but when the nearest services are about 30+ minute drives and it’s an early release day from school and you have a housing inspection well…it didn’t happen. I couldn’t make it to any of the services during the day and because of Tedy’s extreme meltdown this past Sunday when picking up the girls from Religious Education I wasn’t going to risk an unknown potential battle with a kid who hates going to church and I’m still recovering from being injured by him. Yes I say injured because well, here is what my arm currently looks like.

That’s just a few spots of what I could manage to get a halfway decent pic of with my camera phone. I just felt the need to share those images so when the judgemental folks step out to say something hopefully they’ll keep their opinions to themselves on this one because I don’t need anymore of it right now.

This post isn’t about our adventures with autism. I have talked about the incident with friends but am not ready to share on a larger platform just yet. This post is about Recipes for Lent. During Lent on Ash Wednesday and on Fridays we are supposed to abstain from eating meat.

Sophia recently reminded me that she loves my potato soup. I haven’t made potato soup in a couple of years (since I did for a soup supper on night during stations of the cross at Fort Sam Houston in Texas). So I decided to kick off this Lenten season by making a batch of it and switching things up from my usual crock pot to the instapot because honestly I rarely have time anymore to make sure I set out a crockpot meal at the right time of day. I’m going to try a little something different this Lent and regularly share my recipes with you and put them on a cute little card so that you can easily print it off. [Hopefully]

Feel free to season with salt & pepper if you like, I don’t think it needs it but I know some people like a little something more. Goes great with a nice bread too. Enjoy!

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