Blank Calendar

This is our main household calendar. It is the control center. It gets updated every 2-3 weeks [Tedy tends to erase the bottom two weeks]. Right now it is blank. Soon it will be a rainbow. Every person in this house has a color. Heck, even the dogs have a color. There are also colors for special events. Soon it will be full of appointments, end of summer trips, back to school events, etc. The quote at the bottom should read: “What we do in life echoes in eternity”

Tedy of course has peeled off some of the letters, but I know the message. I try to live by it. Random Liz DeLise fact: Gladiator is one of my all time favorite movies.

Staring at my blank calendar before it becomes a rainbow got me thinking, which led to blogging…

Life and this calendar are flexible. Nothing is set in stone. It can easily wipe away. Our lives change and unbeknownst to us it can easily be wiped away in a moment.

Yet we try to control it all. We try to make set plans and we often become slaves to our schedules.

“Death smiles at us all. All a (wo)man can do is smile back.” Not to be all gloom and doom but I’m often reminded how much this rings true. How it can also be applied to craptastic situations in life as well.

I’ve been hit hard by some craptastic times this summer. Being an Army wife means that my calendar has to be extremely flexible. Yet it means I also stare at it a ton and count down the days until Troy comes home from yet another assignment that has meant time apart from our family. While at war Maximus knew exactly how many days he had been gone from his family “two years, two hundred and sixty-four days and this morning” I know that time frame as well though I am not the soldier. I look forward to being reunited and I am ready for a new adventure, hopefully together. Yet until then I must remember all of these words as well as my most favorite Gladiator quote: Strength and honor.

My mother is one of my biggest supporters even though we can be like oil and water at times. She reminds me of what I already know but sometimes lose site of. When I call her bawling my eyes out [thank you Younique for making an amazing mascara so it doesn’t stream down my face] she reminds me of these things. She reminds me that no matter how tough life gets. No matter how much I lose in this crazy battle of life that I can get through it. She reminds me to live in the rainbow. To realize that even though I get struck down time and time again that I embody strength and honor. To smile back, to embrace life and accept that even though it may wipe away at a moments notice that it is a beautiful rainbow. That it is full, that I must stay true to me and remember that what I do in life echoes in eternity. That what I do in life will have a lasting impact on my children. In times of sorrow when other people have me down my mom often tells me to not let others run around rent free in my head. She’s right. You hear that mom?!?! I admit it, you’re right.

So I guess that’s part of what this blog post is for. To help me through and maybe help someone else through. To start with a new blank slate and to move on and turn it into a beautiful rainbow. That my children will remember those rainbows of life and not dwell on the darker times. This is the Rambling Mom blog, I tend to ramble but hopefully you’ll get something from my ramblings too.