Today is day 15 for #31daysofskirtsports and the theme is outlook…again…oops.  There was a slight error when making this years theme calendar and outlook was placed on it twice.  Instead of posting another picture for this theme I decided to write about it.  

Many other Skirt Sports Ambassadors chose to post pictures of gorgeous views.  You can check them out on Instagram by searching the hashtag #31daysofskirtsports.  I thought about hiking up Comanche Lookout Park and getting a pic of the San Antonio skyline but the day got away from me and we didn’t make it up there.  Which is totally ok, we still had an enjoyable day but it got me thinking about outlook a bit more and some of my reasons for running.





  • : the way that a person thinks about things
  • : a set of conditions that will probably exist in the future : the future of someone or something
  • : a place where you can look out over a widearea ; also : a view from such a place

Joy…I run because it brings me joy.   It is not a chore for me.  Even racing brings me joy and I like to have fun when I run, especially when I race.  I am not a pro.  I don’t get paid to do any of this.  So what’s the point in stressing over it?!  Yet just because I run for fun doesn’t mean I’m not competitive.  I am.  I am very competitive but I compete with myself and only myself – well, actually the clock too but you get what I’m saying.  Just because I have fun and will walk at times doesn’t mean I don’t have goals – I do, I just don’t share all of my goals with people because they’re my goals and when I race it’s my race, my pace.  Running as an adult is an individual sport (minus the few rare times I participate in relay events) for me.  

There are 20 possible answers in a magic 8 ball.  “Outlook not so good” is one of my husband’s favorites to use when he’s not so sure how to answer a question.  He often pretends he has a magic 8 ball in his hands and shakes it and reveals his answer – I got him a real magic 8 ball as a gift once because of this.  

What does a magic 8 ball have to do with outlook and running?!  It’s all about perspective.  It’s all about your outlook.  If your outlook is not so good then you’re going to have a miserable time as a runner.  You’ll get caught up in all of the nonsense that can happen.  You’ll get burnt out on running and racing because you’re constantly stressing and worrying about this and that.  

There is power in outlook.  When you use it negatively you’ll get a negative return.  When you use it positively you’ll get a positive return.  The journey to some of the most gorgeous views, to some of these outlooks posted today, is hard!  Yet if you have a positive outlook on your way to the outlook it’ll make the reward that much sweeter!  

So when the magic 8 ball of life tosses an “outlook not so good” at you, take a moment to acknowledge it but don’t dwell.  Move on, accept that this journey may be difficult.   Accept that racing or training is going to be hard some days.  Then, pause, take a look at the beauty all around you.   The beauty in simply being alive and being able to move and be out on the course or trail or road, wherever you may be.  Breath it all in and soak in the positivity – trust me – it’s better when you’re having fun.