What’s Up Wednesday – Bra Review

Hey Hey Hey Rambling Mom Fans…WELCOME TO WHAT’S UP WEDNESDAY!!!

Last Wednesday I did a quick little vlog (video) with some of the latest from me.  I did this because I am always getting messages or comments asking – hey, what is it that you’re drinking?  What are you wearing?  How do you like this or that?  Wait, what?!  People actually want my opinion?!  So I’ve decided to embrace that I’m apparently what they call a “social media influencer” – maybe my Regis College Bachelors in Communications is actually paying off – haha.  Anyways, so now most Wednesday’s I’ll be doing a quick little vlog post onto my YouTube Channel so click subscribe so you can check them out every week.  At the very least you’ll get a little giggle from me to cheer up your hump day.  To help me with my 2017 goal of writing more I will go into detail a bit more about something I featured in my What’s Up Wednesday’s vlog by writing about it here on my blog (well that’s a mouth full).  So here’s what’s up this week…


Ladies, it is super duper important that you take care of your boobs and support them properly during your workouts.  I don’t care if you run or bike or walk or yoga or crossfit or…whatever it is that you do that moves you, and whatever your size may be, big or small protect them all!

Right now my personal favorite sports bra is the Kelly by Skirt Sports.  Let me tell you, I love this bra, not just because I am a Skirt Sports Ambassador, but because someone FINALLY created a product that meets my needs!  For about 10 years now I have been either pregnant or breastfeeding and my boobs have been everywhere from an A-D and many miles in between.  Even though I played sports all the way through College and I considered myself an athlete, I never gave much thought to my sports bras in the past.  Honestly, I just went with what was the cheapest because I had tiny boobs back then so really, what did it matter?!  Let me tell you, if you’re like how I was then well, I wish I knew then what I know now…

From Runner’s World –

What happens to our breasts while we are running?

During walking, a woman’s breasts move the same amount in and out, up and down and from side to side: about 33% in each dimension.

Up the pace to a jog or a run, and the movement is split: 51% up and down, 22% side to side and 27% in and out. The overall pattern is a figure of eight (on it’s side).

Breasts move as much during a slow jog as they do during a sprint, meaning no matter what your pace, you should always wear a sports bra!

Which translates to possible ligament injury in your breasts which can lead to sagging.  No one wants saggy boobs and contrary to popular belief breastfeeding isn’t what causes saggy boobs, improper support does.  So, what does this mean for a fit breastfeeding mama?!  It’s so tough to find a good comfortable “easy access” sports bra!  Well ladies, let me tell you, the Skirt Sports Kelly Bra has GOT YOU COVERED!  This bra, hands down, is THE BEST for breastfeeding mamas!  I’ve included some pics below (don’t worry, it’s not on me, I’m not going to flash you or anything but my dress form will haha.  Honestly, I think it’s an excellent bra for ALL women because it’s so versatile.  Check it out…

The Kelly Bra from Skirt Sports in Razz

Check it out, Velcro straps for “easy access” if you’re a breastfeeding mama or it’s just a great way to adjust the straps for any woman.

Now here’s a couple pictures of the back because you have a couple options for how the straps of the bra can be. It also shows another area of how to adjust the straps of the bra depending on your needs.

Option 2 is to have the straps criss-cross which is perfect for under racer-back tanks.

Another reason why I love this bra is because it has slight padding.  The padding is juuuust right so you don’t have to worry about unsightly headlights, y’all know what I’m talking about haha.

There you have it, my current favorite bra, the Kelly by Skirt Sports and lucky you it’s 50% off right now so go on over to www.skirtsports.com and check out all the cute bras they have to offer.  Also, you can use code: 1SSCAPT20 to get 20% OFF the rest of your order – how sweet is that?!  Enjoy!


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