Today marks the first day of the new ambassador year for Skirt Sports!  YAY!  This year I will be serving as a Skirt Sports Ambassador Captain and I am so excited for this opportunity.  The Skirt Sports Ambassador program is like no other – it’s not just about getting out the word on their products it’s TRULY about supporting other women in the community.  One of the motto’s of the company is #realwomenmove and this company truly embodies that spirit – seriously, go check out the website and you’ll see all sorts of women sporting the gear – it’s amazing!

As y’all know my New Years goal is to write more so here I am writing to you about my love of the skirt.  I used to play field hockey so wearing a skirt/kilt was a regular thing for me.  When I started running as an adult I ran (maybe I kinda sorta intended that pun haha) into some major issues with chaffing [cue cringing face].  No matter what sort of shape I was in I would have problems and so I started wearing capris more but that presented another problem [cringe face again…camel toe].  What’s a woman to do?!  Then I joined the MRTT [Moms Run This Town] group in Savannah, Georgia and a few years back all of these ladies started posting adorable pictures of themselves running in…skirts…I CONFESS…I was a HUGE skeptic at first [I pretty much always am].  Then one day they were having a sale and a friend posted a discount code and I bought my first ever Skirt Sports skirt – the Gym Girl Ultra in Pop-arazzi print.  I was still a bit hesitant to test out the skirt but I finally gave in and was shocked!  The shorties underneath stayed nicely in place and for the first time in a loooooong time I did a run and didn’t have any chaffing issues!  Oh and there were pockets!  Yes, pockets!  Seriously, women’s clothing hates pockets for some reason and it’s frustrating as heck but Skirt Sports takes care of that issue and gives you amazing pockets left and right and back and all over and…*sigh*…I was a changed woman.  I quickly converted to skirt.  The following year when my friends posted about ambassador applications I thought hey, why the heck not and applied.  After being rejected by some other companies I was shocked to receive my Skirt Sports Ambassador acceptance letter for the 2016 season!  I cried.  My skirt sisters helped me in ways they probably don’t even know about.  They encouraged me along my journey as a preggo mother runner.  Yes folks I comfortably wore their skirts for my entire pregnancy and even did a photo shoot in my favorite Skirt Sports outfit.  I share the love of skirt just because I truly believe in this company.

Anyways, that’s just a brief glimpse into my skirt loving world.  I will continue to share more of my journey with you this year.  So please keep checking the blog and if you’re interested in checking out Skirt Sports click on the link at the bottom of this post.  Oh, and to kick off the new ambassador year how about a 20% OFF code?!  1SSCAPT20  Follow me on Instagram @RamblingMom and be sure to tag me so I can see what you end up buying and be giddy about it with you because we are sisters like that now 😉 #RamblingMom #SkirtSports #converttoskirt #skirtluv17


Skirt Sports


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