Audie Troy: Part 2 – Hola Cinco

Thank you all for your kind words in regards to Part 1 of Audie’s story.  Again I want to put a disclaimer that negativity will not be tolerated on my page.  I hate that I even have to put it into writing but I have dealt with too many mean girl moms in my life that I simply have zero tolerance for it.  Every pregnancy is different, every birth is different – what may work for one may not work for another and in my opinion that has to be respected.

Ok so where were we…

Tuesday, July 5, 2016: I.  don’t.  feel.  right… so I called Troy who was out running errands because Tedy had ABA therapy that morning.  I texted Adriana (Audie’s God Mother) to come over and watch the kiddos.  I called my neighbor Heather to come over and watch the kiddos until Adriana arrived.  I grabbed my hospital bag and we headed to SAMMC [San Antonio Military Medical Center].

I hate Troy’s driving.  Sorry not sorry but he’s an “old lady” driver.  We are complete opposites with driving.  He has to be navigated around town and I know all of the random back roads and alternate routes.  Yet I also hate having to drive on 35 in San Antonio – heck I hate driving in San Antonio in general they have some of the worst drivers around and there is construction EVERYWHERE!  So of course the drive to the hospital was stressful for me.  We made it safely and parked in the expectant mother zone.  We walked into SAMMC and headed up to the 5th floor and over to labor & delivery.  When we got up there I was short of breath and had difficulty talking.  I told triage about my precipitous labors with the last two pregnancies and they took me back right away to be monitored.  Troy was gone at this point, he had to go back and pick up Tedy from ABA therapy.

They took my vitals and my blood pressure was high.  I RARELY have high blood pressure.  Sure, being Italian, high blood pressure tends to run in my family but NOT in my blood.  Something was off.  I didn’t feel right.  My heart rate was also high – complete opposite; heck my behavioral health provider told me I was very good at controlling my blood pressure and heart rate in stressful situations when we did some therapy practices.  Something was off.  They put the fetal monitors on me and I hung out for a bit.  The doc came in and asked if I was in pain – no…I just feel off.  She then showed me on the monitor that I was contracting.  Yet the contractions didn’t fit a stereotypical pattern.  They checked me and I was sitting at 2 cm, -2 & 50%, which was no change from being seen in the clinic last Friday for my regular obstetrics checkup.  They took the monitor off and I hung out for a bit more waiting to see what would happen.  My provider from the week before came in and we talked about our concerns and we decided because of my rare high blood pressure and heart rate [never once in my entire pregnancy was it high] that I would be staying at the hospital for further monitoring and to be induced.

I changed into the “lovely” hospital gown and hung out for a bit while they started to admit me.  The anesthesiologist came in and we discussed all of my past labor and deliveries.  With Sophia I had been induced and received an epidural.  With Tedy I received an epidural.  With Ceci she arrived so damn fast, I asked for an epidural but they didn’t get to me in time [she was born in 22 minutes].  With Mikey I asked for pain meds and they all just laughed at me as blood shot out all over just trying to get regular labs done [he was born in 9 minutes].  So I said, let’s get all of the consent done now because even though I didn’t have anything with my last 2 I asked for it, and I have no clue how this one will go so I’d rather have the option open versus trying to get everything taken care of in the heat of the moment.  Then he noticed my New England Patriots shirt and we talked a bit of football which always makes my heart happy.  No we weren’t naming our baby Tom or Gronk.

The docs came back in and went over all of my consent forms and I was officially admitted to the hospital at 1300 on Cinco de Julio – we joked that IF he was born on the 5th that his name would have to be changed to Julio Cinco or at least put Cinco in there somewhere.  Could it be – would Cinco actually be born on the 5th?!

My blood pressure was still high, my contractions were still wonky…we moved around and I hung out on the birthing ball.  I sat there reading my book and every time the nurse came in she would giggle at me a bit because apparently I was having contractions but there I was just chilling on the birthing ball and reading a Stephen King novel.  But then the alarms started going off and Cinco’s heart rate kept disappearing.  I had to move around again and nothing that was comfortable for me was bringing his heart rate back up.  I got back into the horridly uncomfortable delivery bed and sat up straight and finally his heart rate returned to normal.

They brought in the ultrasound machine to make sure everything was ok and that he was still head down.  After having 4 kiddos I knew exactly where his head was and I told them before they even saw it that yes his head was down and it’s chilling somewhere in the left side of my pelvis – yep…mama was correct.

All day long we played the game of trying to move around and trying to get more comfortable and get better readings on both of us because nothing was “text-book” where it should be.  Then shift change happened and luckily that night the OB doctor who knew my history best walked in and I was hit with a wave of relief that she was there.  She checked me and I had made some progress: 4cm, -1 & 70%.  Even though I was hooked up to pitocin it wasn’t on – it couldn’t be turned on because of how irregular everything else was so we naturally let things continue on.

The clock struck midnight – well there goes changing his name.  I was starting to get a bit tired but I just couldn’t get comfortable.  Nothing really hurt but I had learned to associate what I was feeling with what the monitor was showing so that I could tell when I was having a contraction.  I decided to bust out my old Nintendo DS and play some Tetris.  Between the reading of an intense Stephen King book (11/22/63), playing a video games, Facebooking, talking to my friend Lisa about refrigerators… the nurses really got a kick out of me.  Then his heart rate disappeared again and I got nervous, very nervous.  The doc came in and since they were unable to use pitocin to help the labor progress we decided it would be best to break my waters and see what would happen.  Since SAMMC is a teaching hospital there are always students around and one of the questions they asked during admission was if I would mind students being around.  What do I care?!  They have to learn some how.  The resident who was working with my OB attempted to break my waters and wasn’t successful, so my OB did it.  A couple of hours later they returned to check on me and I had made some slight progress to 5cm but things were still wonky and they lost his heart rate completely with the external monitors so I had to have an internal one placed.  At that point I called for anesthesia to come in for an epidural.  Things really didn’t hurt but I could tell that I was losing focus because I was very nervous.  Honestly I feared that because of my blood pressure and his heart rate that we would have to go in for an emergency cesarean section.

Around 3:30 on the morning of the 6th I received an epidural.  When I had one with Tedy it had caused my labor to slow down but it was the complete opposite with Audie.  Once I had my epidural things started to regulate better and they were able to turn the pitocin up a bit as well.  Just when I thought I would be able to get some rest and get comfortable the alarms started going off again and his heart rate started going wonky again which in turn would make my blood pressure go up.  The epidural was starting to go just to my right leg and that was painful.  We tried everything to get it back to normal but Audie was not happy unless I was sitting straight up.  So straight up I stayed.  I looked over at Troy with his headphones in and I took his picture and texted it to my friends with a colorful message along the lines of “lucky bastard gets to sleep.” I knew he needed to sleep, I wanted him to get rest, he works extremely hard for our family but I’ll admit that at that moment my jealousy got the best of me.


Just before shift change they checked me again and I had progressed to 7cm, 0 and 90%.  Shift change happened and the nurse comes in and I tell her that I can’t move because every time I do his heart rate disappears and it’s uncomfortable and I’m frustrated.  She goes to check me and shouts over to the tech to grab my OB before she left because I was at completion.  My OB walked in and was in a bit of shock because just a moment ago I was only at 7cm.  Next thing you know, Troy is lazily waking up and I’m being told to push.  3 or 4 pushes later and it’s over and I look down and there’s a gooey cheesy baby on me and they’re rubbing him like crazy to get him to cry.  After a few seconds he finally does cry.  I had them bring him over to the warmers and Troy finished cutting the cord.  They took his measurements: 7lbs 7oz, 19.5 inches.

What a wild ride; 18 crazy hours, I started crying…was he really here?!  They bring him over to me “Hola Cinco.”  There he was – Audie Troy; Baby Cinco, but born on the 6th because technically he is our 6th baby.  Finally it’s real for me.  I was so afraid that I would lose him because I hadn’t wanted this pregnancy, it wasn’t part of my plan.  Yet here he is and I am filled with joy that we made it through.



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