Soup seriously warms the soul especially during these cold winter days. Seriously when you’re sick what do you want? Soup! When it’s cold what hits the spot? [hot chocolate] Soup! It took me a long time to perfect my soup recipes. As I’ve written in the past I have had some very tragic soup failures one so bad that it was literally mush that even the dog wouldn’t eat!
Anyways, don’t laugh at me but…I’ve finally discovered bouillon and how to make my own soup bases. Why is this stuff hidden on the top shelf? [oh that’s right because it’s so much better than canned crap and is significantly less expensive]. Today I’m here to tell you to not be afraid of the bouillon! [Again, if you’ve already discovered it please don’t laugh at me]. I don’t think she realizes it but the credit for this discovery goes to my neighbor. You see, when I hosted my Tastefully Simple Party back in October a few of the recipes called for chicken broth. So naturally everyone [but her] had the box of broth to add to their recipe. Not my neighbor – she kept using my microwave and making her own! MIND BLOWN!
Again to some this is very laughable but I just had to share because it has since made my soup making life so much easier and cheaper! We are about to have a cold front come in and it’s going to get COLD [or at least what southern Texas considers cold] so when I picked up my Bountiful Basket over the weekend I was stoked that it contained some red potatoes. I chopped them up and froze them in portions. This afternoon I took out one of those portions (about 3 potatoes worth) and dumped them into my crock pot. I also added in some other frozen veggies. Then here comes the kicker – I MADE MY OWN BROTH! To top the soup off I added some of my Tastefully Simple Onion Onion seasoning and some of their Himalayan Sea Salt too. I let that crock pot cook on low all afternoon and it filled the house with its delightful aroma! Mmmmm…soup! I reheated some of my mini pretzels [same recipe as my homemade pretzel recipe just cut in half again so make 12 pretzels instead of 6]. Man oh man was it delish! Now I have soup for the week [I’m out if pretzels again].


Seriously y’all making your own soup is a good way to get in a bunch of veggies at once and it warms your soul. Mmmmm…what’s your favorite kind of soup? By the way I know y’all totally laughed at me it’s ok I’m laughing at myself for not realizing this whole bouillon thing until now.


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