A quick thought about depression…

I saw a comment about Robin Williams and running today and it really upset me. It was suggested that if Robin Williams had continued running as he did in high school that maybe he would be with us today. Well the truth is he did continue running he was actually a triathlete and worked with the challenged athletes foundation. It takes more than running. It takes more than physical exercise. Depression can strike anyone at any time. I’ve fought depression a few times. We battled a lot in my teenage years. Depression tried to take me in college. My sophomore year of college I was blessed that God put amazing coaches and friends in my life to step up and recognize that I needed help and they helped me out of some of my darkest days. Depression came around again when I had children. Depression struck me again when we moved to Fort Stewart and dug a bit deeper when I had a miscarriage. Yet again God placed amazing people in my life to help me out of the dark times. Over the years I’ve learned that it’s okay to ask for help. Asking for help is a sign of strength. So when someone shows you that they need help please help them. My prayers are with all of those whom suffer from this disease. I pray that they find peace in this life.


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