veggetti & zoodles

I have a confession… I’ve been eating like crap lately! Since before we moved I was on a downward spiral of eating like $h!+. I gained a bunch of weight toward the end of my pregnancy because of it. I kept saying to myself things like “oh once we move I’ll get better” or “oh once the baby is born I’ll get back on track” etc yet alas I haven’t been doing so well. I’ve been craving sugars like crazy, eating out a ton and having a poor schedule of meals. So when I ordered PiYo I decided to give up the excuses because it was beyond time to get back on track. The first thing I did was get back to meal planning.

The meals on the menu still aren’t the greatest but it’s a step in the right direction. We didn’t stick to the days of the menu a couple of times but we did stick to the menu. Meal planning helps with grocery shopping budgeting as well by the way. The other thing I did was give in to peer pressure and purchased the Veggetti.

At first Troy thought I was crazy and said “Why the heck did you get that thing? It’s such a waste.” Well I had to prove him wrong as soon as possible and honestly I was a bit nervous about the whole thing. I tossed a couple of zucchini into our grocery cart and decided to switch the menu and cook up some zoodles on Saturday instead of Sunday.

So I took my trusty Veggetti and a zucchini and got to cookin!
A quick little safety brief on the Veggetti – yes it’s easy to use but when you get down toward the end just stop don’t try to slice the whole thing or you’ll end up slicing your fingers!


Now for the moment you’ve been waiting for, my recipe…honestly in true Italian fashion I just tossed stuff together.

• zucchini
• sweet peppers
• minced garlic
• Olive oil


• use the veggetti to make zoodles (aka zucchini noodles)
• slice up the sweet peppers
• coat a pan with Olive oil and heat it up
• sauté zoodles in pan for a couple of minutes on medium high heat
• add a scoop of minced garlic
• toss in the sweet peppers
• sauté until al dente

You can also mix in some regular spaghetti too if you want but honestly you don’t need to.

Wondering what Troy thinks? He loved it and takes back that he said it was a waste. So if you’ve been on the fence about getting the veggetti I say hop off the fence and go get one already! You can find them in the as seen on TV section in grocery stores, Wally World, walgreens, on amazon, etc. It costs about $15. Next time I use it I’ll be going Asian style and making a stir fry with it. Mmmmmmm.


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