PiYo Journey – week 1

Week 1

Day 1: Friday, 1 August 2014 Align the fundamentals – today was pretty “easy” they basically went over the terminology that’s going to be used in the program and demonstrated the various poses. Toughest thing was taking the before pics, weighing in and taking measurements. The good thing about doing that is it helps show your transformation. Troy and I worked out together today since he was “zonked” from PT. I’m glad that we were able to start the program together.
Side note – I bought the veggetti today.


Day 2: Saturday, 2 August 2014 Define: Lower Body – during the warm up my body was snap, crackle and popping; Troy said I sounded like Rice Krispies. The workout was only 20 minutes but for me it was 20 minutes of wow I am tight and not really flexible. Troy enjoyed the workout and when I asked him what he thought so far he said “PiYo is Awesome!” I went out for a little run after and then Troy went out for a run. My run was slow and steady but I’m glad that PiYo helped warm me up because it would’ve probably been an even more tight painful run if I hadn’t done those moves before my run.
Random side notes: I confess I’ve been eating like crap – I’ve been craving sweets like crazy and probably don’t eat the way I should. My days are so hectic I’ve been finding myself forgetting to eat a real meal and just snacking until dinner. Because of my food issue we are switching up our dinner plans and testing out the veggetti tonight. Also, Troy’s thinking about signing up for the San Antonio Rock n Roll Marathon.


Day 3: Sunday, 3 August 2014 Define: Upper body – ok so technically this program calendar says to begin on a Monday but we started on a Friday because it was the first day of a new month. I say do what works for you because sometimes if you say oh I’ll start Monday…well many Mondays go by and you still haven’t started so get off your butt and go already! Also, we put the calendar up in our kitchen to help hold us accountable and remember what day we are on.
Today’s workout reminded me that I suck a push-ups and my abs are non-existent (I’m blaming Mikey for that one). Troys said “Hi Chalene you just kicked my butt or my abs really” it was challenging less the 20 minute workout but good.

Day 4: Monday, 4 August 2014 Rest – one thing Troy has noticed from just these first few days is that his back isn’t hurting. He says that the program has helped him to focus on better posture.
Due to a minor injury (Troy got a nasty blister from ruck marching in older boots) and lack of sleep/sickness (I blogged about it already I hate my GI disease) we decided to bump up the rest day by a day and take it today. We will get back at it tomorrow.
I made another veggetti meal tonight.


Day 5: Tuesday, 5 August 2014 Sweat – I need to stick to dragging my butt out of bed and getting my workout over with in the morning. It’s tough so I waited for Troy to get home from work and we did the work out together.
This workout was about 40 minutes long so a bit longer than the others and it held true to its title…YOU WILL SWEAT [I don’t sweat I sparkle]!


Day 6: Wednesday, 6 August 2014 Define: Lower Body – not as many noises of my body snapping today which is a good sign. I’m proud of myself for getting up and out of bed to feed Mikey this morning staying up to get this workout in before the other kiddos woke up; it’s a very refreshing way to start the day.


Troy didn’t get the workout in today so he’s going to double up tomorrow. He had a valid excuse though – we went to the San Antonio Road Runners weekly zoo meet up run and participated in a two mile trail run as a family.


Day 7: Thursday, 7 August 2014 Define: Upper Body – I made some cookies today. I had to my sweet tooth is itching and I would rather make my version of cookies vs going out and buying more ice cream or buying cookies. I keep my cookies on the healthier end and added flax seed meal and peaches to these ones.


Today when Troy got home from work he did both workouts and then I did just today’s. It felt so good to finally get my workout in. Reminder to self – JUST GET IT OVER WITH FIRST THING IN THE MORNING!!!

Ok so now that week 1 is over Troy and I decided to join team Beach Body. Check out his coaching pages:


Browse around and let us know if you have any questions. We hope we’ve inspired some of you to join us in the PiYo Journey.


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