PiYo day 1

I’m not one to just buy a workout DVD anymore because I’m notorious for not using them! I’ve really only had 1 workout DVD that I was fairly devoted to and that was Body By Bethenny. Yet honestly doing the same DVD workout day in and day out gets BORING! When I belonged to the Y I was really good about attending the group exercise classes and loved many of them yet right now joining the Y just isn’t in the budget and driving to post for classes right now isn’t realistic either. I needed something else and sure I can make up workouts on my own but I know me and know that I needed something more than that, something to help hold me accountable. This is where PiYo comes in…again, I’m not one to buy these workout DVD sets but something about PiYo drew me in. I kept hearing rave reviews from folks that are like me and don’t do this workout DVD stuff so I finally ordered it and decided to give it a try. I’ll be blogging about the experience as I got through it so be sure to keep checking back to help hold me accountable.
Here’s my day 1 stats & pics:
Today is Friday, August 1, 2014. I am exactly 4 weeks postpartum and weigh 169 lbs. My measurements are: waist – 37 in. hips – 44 in. chest – 36in.
My goal is to get through the whole program and see where it takes me transformation wise.


I have an at home accountability partner; my hubs. I’m not going to share his stats [I’ll let him reveal all of that when he wants to] but I will show you his before pic so y’all can see how our transformation goes. We won’t always be able to workout together but luckily on day 1 he went into PT and they were “zonked” so when he got back home I asked him to workout with me. What a great way to start the month of August!


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