Michael Edwin’s Birth Story


I know some of you have been anxiously waiting to hear this story so thank you for your continued patience as I get my blog back up and running. If you recall, Ceci was a very quick labor and delivery and I was in the hospital a whopping 22 minutes before she was born. So the joke this time around became that I needed to just camp out in the hospital parking lot around my due date. Actually, I thought about having an at home birth but our insurance doesn’t exactly cover it and we just couldn’t afford the out of pocket costs. So we opted for a “traditional” hospital birth. Well, we moved from Georgia to Texas when I was about 30 weeks pregnant. My prenatal care these last two times haven’t been the greatest and I’m again thankful that it’s not my first rodeo and that I knew how to properly advocate to make sure my wishes for this labor and delivery were met. Since Ceci came so fast they were really pushing to induce me and that was something that I did not want. I was induced with my first, Sophia and I absolutely hated it. It was the worst labor and delivery experience for me. Tedy arrived two weeks early and I did get an epidural but always looking back I wish I hadn’t. Ceci was an amazing experience even though I was by myself and well Mikey, he’s one for the books as well. I can vividly recall all of my children’s birth stories and they’re all special in their own way.

Ok so here I was, preggo with baby #4 and my due date was July 4, 2014. Babies don’t come on their due dates I thought. Sophia was late, Tedy was early, Ceci was late…no way Mikey would arrive “on time” though I wanted him to arrive before I had to go back to the OB because like I said before they were really pushing to induce me.

So here’s how the day went – we played outside and the kiddos enjoyed the blow up pool that I recently bought for them. I even took one of our outdoor camp chairs and lounged in it to cool off in the water. Oh and we enjoyed some Dunks for breakfast. Yet all day long I was having this “issue” – sorry not sorry if this is TMI but I had such bad diarrhea all day long! I didn’t really eat lunch because my tummy was upset. I took a few bites of food just to force feed myself and I drank tons of water to make sure I stayed hydrated. But ugh I felt so sick.

As the day went on Troy kept saying, let’s go to the hospital. I didn’t want to go. Finally that evening he said if you $h!+ one more time I’m taking you to the hospital! Well guess what, I did and when I came out of the bathroom he was like that’s it let’s go. That was around 8:30PM when we gathered our things just in case they wanted to keep me since it was my due date and who knows, maybe I was dehydrated.

We left the house around 8:45PMish – it was starting to rain – there was a major accident at the route we normally take to get to the hospital so I had to guide Troy another route. Thank God I had taken this route before and knew the way to go because the roads in Texas, especially by the highways can be a bit confusing. I started to get anxious when we were a few miles down the road. I thought crap I feel like I’m gonna crap myself, this is a brand new car, maybe I should’ve brought a towel. When Troy turned down the AC is when I realized crap maybe I am in labor. The rest of the way to the hospital I kept saying things like “I really hope I’m in labor because this is starting to hurt and I don’t want to get sent back home.”

When we pulled up to the hospital gate, I KNEW I was in labor and I had Troy just drop me off at the door, I couldn’t wait for him to park. I walked in and the soldier working the desk pointed me towards the elevators. I got on the elevator and pressed the floor for Labor & Delivery. When I got off the elevator I had no clue where I was! That’s the downside to delivering at the largest Army hospital in the country. Luckily there was a cleaning lady in the hall and she guided me in to labor and delivery. The airman working triage didn’t even triage me she just called back to labor and delivery, took my ID and started writing info down on a clipboard.

It was a LOOOOONG walk back to labor and delivery (again, really big hospital). When I got into a room there was my labor and delivery nurse and another nurse getting the room ready. They helped me to get undressed and into a gown and then the OB walked in. I confess I asked for pain meds. The nurse getting my IV ready said “I think you’re going to beat the anesthesiologist.” The OB said to me that we were going to talk about things and do verbal consent because we’ve got to get moving. After she ran through everything with me and I verbally consented to various things Troy walked into the room. I told him I asked for drugs and he laughed at me. I asked him “Why are you laughing at me?!” and he gave me his typical Troy smirk – for those of you who know him, you know that look I’m talking about.

Well next thing you know my water breaks and a bit more comes out as well and again Troy is laughing at me! “Why I you laughing at me?!” I ask him again and again he just gives me that smirk. I told the OB I had to push and she asked how big I thought he was my response: “I don’t know, I just want him out of me.” I start pushing and bam next thing you know there’s our little baby boy. Oh and he pooped when he was born – haha!

I was in absolute awe of what had just happened. There were a ton of people in the room; it was like a 4th of July party for our baby boy to be born. He came into this world at 9:12PM weighing 7lbs, 9oz and 19.5in long.

Apparently other people found me entertaining as well. When she transferred us over to the mother/baby side of the wing my labor and delivery nurse gave me a big hug. I’m going to have to have Troy share his side of the story because apparently there were somethings I missed out on – like apparently freaking out one of the girls in the labor and delivery room, causing her to walk out for a bit. Even one of my nurses (his name happened to be Troy as well) said that I was entertaining – he told me how they watched on the computer, it was all the talk of the nurses station “she walked in, she asked for an epidural [which apparently they all found funny] and she had a baby.” Well, at least I made it; at least I didn’t destroy Troy’s car or have Nancy and Troy in the bathroom at home with me. I have a couple of friends who accidentally had homebirths so I’m glad Troy forced me to go to the hospital when he did. Apparently he knew I was in labor though I thought I was sick. So whopping amount of time in the hospital this time around – 8 minutes.

That’s it, I think I’m done having kiddos; that was a close enough call for me [though truly only God knows]. When I tell people I don’t know when I’m in labor, I’m dead serious! I know when I’m in transition and need to push; but all the time leading up to that – no clue! I guess it’s a blessing/curse in a way.

HUGE THANKS to: the amazing labor and delivery staff at San Antonio Military Medical Center – they worked quickly and professionally and it made for another GREAT experience. The mother/baby unit staff was great as well. The food – kinda sucked; still no hospital food compares to Sentara in Williamsburg, Virginia. To my husband Troy, I love you and am so glad you could be there for the birth of our baby boy, I had a sinking feeling that you wouldn’t be able to be there and I’m so glad you made it up just in time [even if you did just laugh at me the whole time]. To my sister Nancy, thank you for traveling and staying with us at the end of this pregnancy; it eased my mind so much to know that our kiddos were safe at home with you watching them [they love their Auntie Nancy and now our house has been rename the Kappa Iota Delta house and she’s an honorary member of our frat]. To everyone praying and thinking of me; I couldn’t have done it without you as well.

Finally let me share a little story about our baby boy’s name with you. As many of you recall, Troy was hit by an IED in Afghanistan last year. We are forever grateful that he was able to come home to us. When he was deployed we both prayer the prayer to Saint Michael the Arch Angel:


I’ve said this many times before and I will continue to say it; I firmly believe that the day Troy was injured Saint Michael the Arch Angel came down, shielded him and protected him from further harm. In honor of that is where our sons first name comes from. Michael Edwin – Edwin is his middle name, the name of Troy’s paternal Grandfather whom passed away a few years back and Troy was and is very fond of.

Michael Edwin – we love you and are so glad you’re here; you’ll forever be “our little firecracker.”



6 thoughts on “Michael Edwin’s Birth Story

  1. What a great/crazy birth story!

    I saw your link on the MRTT group, and felt I had to comment. I too, just had my fourth baby, on the 13th of July. He’s a boy, named Michael, and his middle name is after my paternal grandfather.

    Anyways. Congrats on your newest little man! He’s super cute.

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