A Whirlwind Girls Weekend – Georgia Half Marathon

I wasn’t going to do anymore races. This has been my theme with running as of lately but yet again I was presented with an opportunity that I simply could not pass up! Last Wednesday a fellow Savannah MRTT (Moms Run This Town) mama posted that she still had her bib available for the Georgia Half Marathon in Atlanta. Missy was 38 weeks pregnant at the time so she obviously wasn’t going to be able to go. Something told me to inquire more about it even though the event was THAT Sunday! So we started Facebook messaging and I told Troy when he came home from work and he didn’t jump and say yes right away but he didn’t say no either. I posted in our MRTT Facebook group about the possibility of me going as well. After more discussion with Troy it was decided that I could go if I had someone to bring me there and back [we are a one vehicle family] and also if I had a place to stay. Luckily one of my fearless chapter leaders had a spot in her vehicle and a space at the hotel for me. The pieces were falling into place, I was going to go to Atlanta to run a half marathon at the last minute at 25 weeks pregnant!
As I was packing on Friday night I started to get a bit anxious because a last minute big trip like this is simply not like me. Yet Troy came through and said he was proud of me and supported me and his only request was that I not get hurt.
Saturday morning Troy drove me up to Pooler to meet Katie and then we headed out on our girls weekend. Some of the other ladies in our chapter had gone up on Friday and were waiting for us. I’ll admit when we first left it felt really weird and I couldn’t believe I was doing this [heck looking back I still can’t believe it]. We made good time driving to Atlanta and of course as a typical big city is once we were just outside of the city we hit traffic. When we realized it wasn’t going to be easy to park at the expo we just went to our hotel and parked there, the expo wasn’t even a mile away no biggie we could walk that. When we were walking to the expo I immediately realized that Atlanta is not the low country and there are HILLS!

As soon as we got to the expo we found the other mamas and then went to get our packets. We browsed around the expo and made our lunch out of all of the samples from the various vendors. I’ve written about this before but I want to remind you to be careful at large expos because there will be “sales” but it isn’t always necessarily the best deal. It is however a good time to talk to various reps if there’s a certain product you’ve had your eye on and are interested in. The only thing I bought were two tubes of nuun because the best deal on nuun is at large expos – two tubes for $10 and you get a water bottle.



After the expo we headed back to the hotel and hopped back in the car to go to a different part of Atlanta to meet up with other mamas for a fun afternoon/evening. When we were chit chatting they couldn’t believe that I had NEVER left my family like this. Yep that’s right folks in my 6 years and 2 months of being a mother [besides being in the hospital] I have NEVER left my family for a weekend. Even so it was only my second time away from Ceci, fourth time away from Tedy and sixth time away from Sophia (so about once a year for each kiddo) but I’ve never left all of them with Troy. Troy is a phenomenal father but with our old jobs and the army life I simply have never really had an opportunity for a girls weekend trip. [to the folks that have been giving me flack about it or saying crap about me behind my back sit down and shut up] I giggle because of course my first trip away is based around running. So what do a bunch of mamas do on a girls weekend?! Well let’s just say it’s not your typical girls weekend trip but we did have a blast! We wondered around the shopping district of Atlantic Station and we spent over two hours in IKEA! At the end of the day we had walked around a solid 8 miles! The stories that happen on girls weekend though stay there so sorry I can’t share all of the details with you but let me just say we laughed a lot!
After a day of fun when we got back to the hotel on Saturday night after setting out our gear and taking our flat mama pics we passed out!

I had a very peaceful nights sleep and when I woke up at 4:30 to go to the bathroom I felt good. I didn’t fully get up until 5:30 but still for having to get up so early I didn’t feel like it was too early. We got ready and headed out to the start area which was just a few blocks down hill from the hotel. >

We met up with other MRTTers from all over for a group pic and then took a pic of just the people from our chapter (minus a couple).


Then we headed to the start line. I hadn’t been at an event that large since the Marine Corps Marathon. It was electrifying! >


Katie had agreed to stick with me and wog (walk/jog) with me for the whole event. We started out a little too fast because we got caught up in the excitement but we slowed it down and ran the first couple of miles. When we hit the first fuel station I had to pee [preggo lady problems]

Happy Cans is my new favorite name for porta-potties because I was happy to see them again around mile 6 and yes even at mile 12. Katie and I took it easy and had fun, stopping to take pics along the way and since I was not used to hills at all we walked up many of them. Yet even though we were going at a slower pace the miles were flying by!

[Atlanta Skyline]

[Georgia Techs ΣΧ – Sigma Chi house (Troy’s fraternity)].
I struggled that last mile but Katie stayed true to her word, stuck with me, encouraged me and we finished strong!

It wasn’t close to a PR for either of us but like I said the miles flew by because we were having fun! We saw many people we knew along the way which is super cool because this is a big event. I still need to upload the run from my Garmin to the computer to see how much time we spent waiting for me to go potty because I felt like when we were running we were keeping a fairly swift pace.
After we finished I chugged a chocolate milk, we got our food and then set out to find the MRTT tent. We met up with other mamas and chit chatted about the race some more before heading back to our hotel to shower and go home. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – I am spoiled! I truly am lucky to be a part of MRTT and especially to be a part of such a great chapter! These ladies are so supportive and are my running sisters – I’m really going to miss them when we move to Texas [but I’m also looking forward to finally meeting the ladies of that chapter].
To everyone who made this weekend possible for me – THANK YOU!


One thought on “A Whirlwind Girls Weekend – Georgia Half Marathon

  1. Ann Delise says:

    This was a great story and I am happy that you have these wonderful friends who support you women need more of these groups . I am proud of you and glad that Troy support you because I see how you support each other . Ian sure your children were happy to have you home . glad you dean your race your way

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