Meet Athena

Ladies and Gentleman introducing our newest pack member, Athena!

Athena is a Golden (possibly mixed with lab) Retriever. She’s about a year old and is as sweet as can be. No folks we had no clue that we would be getting a dog but she pulled at our heart strings and we couldn’t say no. I first saw her through one of the local rescue foundations Facebook page. She wasn’t at the rescue but she was a dog in need. Long story short her owners couldn’t properly take care of her. I have a fairly strict rule about animals for our family, we only rescue. All of our animals have been free. Toby (our chihuahua mutt) was a rescue as well. Before you get all judgmental and say things like “I can’t believe they got another dog, didn’t they just announce the other day that they’re expecting?!” We thought everything through before inquiring and we asked lots of questions before picking her up. She is fixed, has all of her shots, is house broken and crate trained. If it wasn’t for all of that we likely wouldn’t have been able to take her in.
Why a Golden?! Troy grew up with Golden’s and has always spoken fondly of them. Yes they are work but remember we are avid runners and a very active family, we will put the time in to work properly with her to make sure she gets enough exercise; she’s going to be a great running buddy.
But you already have a dog. Yes we know and even though Toby can be surly he’s done well with other dogs. We’ve dog sat many times and even had another dog living with us for a while. When I brought Athena home it took a few minutes of introducing but they are adjusting well.

We took both of them for a family walk this evening and they did great. Toby loves going for walks and Athena enjoyed it too. She still needs some training and command work but we usually take evening walks so she will likely pick it up quickly. I made the pups a cute little leash and treat holder.

20140117-231139.jpg If you’re interested in purchasing one shoot me a message. I will also have them up for sale on my ETSY page. If you don’t already, be sure to follow me on Facebook, I’ll be posting ordering details there.
Ok back to our sweet new girl; look at this, Ceci is loving on her in this pic and she’s content and soaking up the love.

I know I’m not getting into all of the details about what’s happened with her past and I really want to leave it in the past and move on with her. Yet I want to use her rescue as a PSA as well. We are the 3rd people to own Athena in her first year of life. I don’t know the full story from her first owner and I don’t know all of the details from her last owner. What I do know is that no dog deserves to be left outside all the time, especially when it’s been as cold as it has here; when you get a pet it shouldn’t be a lawn ornament. When you get a puppy you need to realize that pups take lots of work and discipline. Sure a kid may want one as a gift but all too often those pups end up on doggie death row because the family realizes that they can’t take care of him or her. Training a pup takes time and patience. Again, dogs aren’t lawn ornaments, they need proper exercise and attention.
As a side note PLEASE DO NOT SUPPORT PUPPY MILLS! PLEASE CHECK OUT YOUR LOCAL ANIMAL SHELTERS & RESCUE LEAGUES! Please, spay or neuter your animals. I see and hear about it way too much, especially around the area we live in, people “breed” their dog and think they’ll just sell the puppies. Well pitbulls and chihuahuas are the two of the top breeds euthanized on an all too regular basis in the lowcountry. Many dogs become aggressive because they aren’t treated properly, not because they’re a certain breed. So please don’t just jump into having a dog because of blah blah blah blah. Please take responsibility for your dog.
Ok I think I’ve rambled on enough for tonight about this subject matter. I’ll give y’all more Athena updates as time goes on.


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