Own up to your age…

Why are we so afraid of our age, especially as women?! Women reach a certain point and often begin hiding their true age by flat out lying about it or by saying things like “I’m celebrating my 29th birthday again.” I see and hear it all the time!
I turned 30 back in October and yes I had/have the “wow I’m [going to be] 30?!” moments. Yet I’ve embraced this new milestone. Hey in the triathlon world you can’t lie about your age, they write it in permanent marker on you leg for all to see; heck they even “age you up” because you compete by the year you were born. So in 2013 I went the whole tri season competing in the 30-35 age groups [which is a bad ass tough, competitive, fast bracket to be in] even though I didn’t turn 30 until after tri season was over. I learned something during tri season though – I suck at telling how old people are. I’d think oh hey she looks to be x-number-of-years-old to only find out that I just got my butt whooped on the bike by a 57 year old. It made me remember that it was my first tri season and I still had some maturing to do [these ladies don’t stop being fast until you hit the 60-65 age bracket and even then there are some super competitive chicks out there].
Ok so in the tri world we proudly wear our age on our leg. So outside of that, why do so many lie about it?! I challenge you if you have celebrated a certain birthday more than once to cut it out! Own up to how old you are and be proud of it! Be proud of the fact that you have been given another day by God. You never know when your life will end so stop trying to hide all the amazing things you have done in your years of this beautiful life! Come on ladies stop playing the games of “younger is better” it’s simply not true. Sure you may have had great moments in your past that helped form the person you are today; but stop living in the past and embrace the now, embrace the new day, the new year! YOU are better – YOU are the ONLY YOU! If some fool gives you grief about your age use my favorite saying and tell them “I’m like a fine wine and I only get better with time!”


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