Pinteresting: DIY Mason Jar Soap Dispenser

Our downstairs bathroom gets redecorated on a regular basis and today I finally finished taking down Christmas but wasn’t totally sure what to put up next. I wasn’t ready for valentines but I didn’t want to leave it bare either. So after a minute and consulting with my Pinterest partner in crime I decided on a Lego theme. Legos because Sophia’s birthday is coming up and that girl is obsessed with Legos!

After switching up the filling in the lanterns and putting up the Lego calendar I looked at my sink and thought ok snowman face drawn on a plastic soap dispenser, it’s time for you to go. I knew I wanted something more permanent besides a plastic soap dispenser but I also knew that I didn’t want to spend any money. So I decided to consult Pinterest of course because I knew I had seen some Mason jar soap dispensers before and god knows I have plenty of Mason jars to spare! After reading a few blog posts I came up with an idea of my own. Here it is folks:

First you’ll need to gather your supplies:
• Mason Jar
• Pliers
• Drill Bits
• Drill
• Soap Pump

[ps – aren’t my nails super cute?! They’re Jamberry nails].

Step 1: take a sharpie and mark the center of the lid; this is where you’ll drill the hole for the soap pump.
Step 2: start with a small drill bit and drill a starter hole. Use another drill bit, a larger size and widen the hole. Repeat one more time with an even larger drill bit to widen the hole even more.
Step 3: using the pliers peel back the metal to smooth out your hole and get it to the size needed to fit your soap pump.

Step 4: Push soap dispenser through hole. [you can super glue it down if you want but I chose not to because it fit just fine; nice and snug].
Step 5: fill with soap [and Legos in this case].
Step 6: ENJOY!

I think these soap dispensers are super cute and since Troy liked it too I made a couple more. One will go up in our bathroom once we buy more soap and the other is in our kitchen.

The best part is that this project didn’t cost me a dime! I had all of the items on hand. I used old soap pumps from old plastic soap dispensers and like I said I already had a bunch of Mason jars laying around. If you want you could add different cute little floating toys into your soap besides Legos or you could even paint the jar. FYI Mason jar soap dispensers on average retail between $10-$20! Even if you had to buy the stuff yourself [assuming you already have a drill] a whole case of Mason jars is about $10 and a thing of soap [with pump] can easily be found for under $1! Now that you have a super cute new soap dispenser all you need from here on out is the refillable soap which is very inexpensive. ENJOY!
If you were to make a Mason jar soap dispenser what cute object would you fill yours with to give it an extra decorative touch?


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