Jamberry Nails

For the past few years I’ve had: “stop biting my nails” in my list of resolutions. Every year I end up epically failing and at some point bite my nails so badly that they bleed. Nail biting is not a good thing; it’s a sign of stress and anxiety. When my stress level is that high where I’m biting that bad well that’s simply not good. Plus it’s just nasty! It’s also annoying! I know it’s nasty and annoying because when I see other people biting there nails I think ugh gross and if it’s someone I know biting their nails (like my daughter Sophia) I say “get your fingers out of your mouth.” My Bumpa often says: “If you were a plumber you wouldn’t bite your nails.” I’m not a plumber but still the world is kinda gross and germs and things spread so quickly through our hands. I’m a mom with two in diapers I should know better. I took bio chem in College and I’ve done many experiments and grown disgusting things in dishes – I know all of this and yet still I bite! UGH!
Well here we are in another new year and I’m going to try again. I’ll admit at the beginning of the year [yes I know it’s only January 13th] I already failed and bit my nails. Well then my friend Carly [writing this post makes me realizes wow we’ve been friends for like 20 some odd years. I mean I vividly remember reenacting scenes from Beauty and The Beast with her and that movie came out in 1991!] invited me to an online mystery hostess party and I decided to go and see what these nails she kept sending me pics of were all about. As always I was skeptical at first and asked lots of questions. Yet honestly the Autism Awareness nails drew me in. I started browsing some more while playing the games she had posted. Oh my there are so many cute patterns! It took me a while to narrow it down but luckily there’s a buy 3 get 1 free deal going on right now. I ended up purchasing: Autism Awareness, Lollipop Chevron, Runner Girl and Swiss Dot & Siesta [Jamberry juniors].

It took about 5 days for them to arrive in the mail and it was perfect timing as I had my ultra the next morning. I was so excited to test out my new nails! I decided to do my toes first and used Siesta on them. These are the juniors ones but worked perfect for my toes. You can tell from the pic below I only used about 3 of the strips to cover ALL of my toes!

For my fingers I went with Runner Girl as the “party nail” and Lollipop Chevron for the rest. See below I only used 1 strip of Runner Girl and 2.5 strips of Lollipop Chevron to cover ALL of my nails.

I wanted to show you just how much I used because with a price tag of $15/ sheet I was a bit nervous about how many uses I would get out of a sheet. Yet when you think about it I spent about $50 total and I’ve easily spent that to have a mani/pedi done just once and it’s typically ruined by the next day. My manis always smudge and never last more than a week. That’s the great thing about Jamberry Nails – THEY DON’T SMUDGE! Also they were easy peasy to put on though I will say I’m going to purchase the mini heater to make it even easier. Seriously folks I am not a girlie girl like that who can do her own nails. I usually have to have nail polish remover waiting to clean up the edges of my at home mani/pedi but that’s the great thing about Jamberry nails there’s no need for that, you fit the strip to your nail and aren’t staining the edges of your fingers with polish! Also these nails will last a good 2-4 weeks! Carly recently posted how her toe nails had already lasted a month! So there you go folks, way more than one beautiful looking mani/pedi that’ll last for at least two weeks for the same price that you’d pay for only one salon mani/pedi that might last a week is totally worth it!
If you didn’t catch my reveal on Instagram or Facebook, here’s the news – I’m currently 15 weeks pregnant with our 4th child! So what’s that have to do with nails?! No terrible toxic smell that’s what! With Jamberry nails you aren’t exposed to the nasty fumes of a typical mani/pedi! Pretty nails without the icky side effects!
Ok peeps, Jamberry nails are my new found love and since they’re so cute, etc I have no desire to pick or bite at my nails! Only the stress over time will truly tell if I can finally kick my nasty biting nails habit! Also, if you’re interested I am hosting an online party that closes on Sunday, January 19, 2014. Check it out HERE and try Jamberry nails out for yourself!


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