Happy 4th Birthday Tedy!

My son is officially 4 years old today. When I woke up this morning it was around the same time as I was delivering him 4 years ago. All of my kids have very memorable birth stories. Tedy was our “wait he’s not due for two more weeks” baby. The night before he was born was very stressful and I had no clue I was in labor. I will forever be thankful to The Huff Family for all of their help at this time. Everything planned was thrown to the wind and luckily they stepped in, told me to go to the hospital, met Troy and took care of Sophia until my sister could get down to Williamsburg.
Reminiscing on his birth I now see that Tedy is very much my “want to make God laugh, tell him your plans” [quote from the movie Bella] child. Tedy’s 1st Birthday was not traditional at all – we had moved to Ft Stewart only a week before his birthday and our home goods were scheduled to be delivered on January 8th. We had a birthday party for his 2nd birthday. It was so hot that the kids were in shorts and tshirts and sweating and we even grilled out. Yet I should’ve noticed little warning flags back then of how he wasn’t interested in opening his gifts or playing with the other kids that had come over to celebrate. He didn’t play with the toys he got he played with a balloon. He thoroughly enjoyed his cake and fell asleep at his seat. By his 3rd birthday we were in the middle of this crazy process which has since led to a diagnosis of moderately autistic (he’s about in the middle of the autism spectrum). We didn’t do anything big for his birthday just some simple family time because we were preparing to go to Disney just a couple of days later.
Now he is 4 years old and his birthday has been a relaxing, happy day. After Sophia got on the bus we came back home and snuggled back in bed and slept a bit longer.

20140108-200328.jpg He’s such a happy-go-lucky boy! This picture of us clearly shows me that even though he has never told me “I love you mama” I know that he does. He’s 4 now, he doesn’t really talk, he isn’t potty trained, he can’t eat using utensils, he doesn’t really color, he can’t tell you his name, etc and though it often pains me to wonder what the future holds, I know that it is as bright as his smile.

When I went out for my run today I was just going to take Toby around our neighborhood real quick, maybe do a mile. Yet as we began to run I began to reflect on the past four years and how they haven’t gone as I “planned” [God must really get a kick out of me] and I decided to go for 4 miles in honor of my boys 4th birthday. It was a good run and when I returned we opened Tedy’s birthday gift. We got him the book I’m Here by Peter Reynolds – I couldn’t make it through the book without crying. It reminds me so much of Tedy and I often wonder the adventures he’s on when I see that twinkle in his eye as he plays by himself. By the way I highly recommend this book, it was written and illustrated by a person I have the distinct privilege of knowing [his daughter and I went to high school together and we were both in drama club] it is geared toward raising autism awareness. Like all of Peter’s books it has deep beautiful meaning and is great for children of all ages. So if you live near Dedham, Massachusetts head to historic Dedham square and visit the Blue Bunny Bookstore. You can also check his works out online at: www.peterhreynolds.com.

After my run we enjoyed Tedy’s favorite meal – noodles of course [I made baked penne] followed by a Carvel ice cream cake [I have learned that my kids do not really care for regular cake – just the frosting – but ice cream cake is a different story].

Which if you can tell by the picture was of course followed by a bath before bed time.

Dear Tedy,
Happy 4th Birthday! I hope you enjoyed your day as much as I did. Even though you can’t tell me and really I don’t even know if you fully realize what a birthday is or that it is your birthday I do know one thing. I know you were happy today. You had a day full of smiles and snuggles. A day where you rested with mama and played not just by yourself but with your sisters as well. A day where you gave mommy and daddy lots of hugs. I do not know what your future holds all I know is that we will love you and support you through it all. Cheers to you my boy and may this year be full of Gods blessings.
Love always,
Your mama,


2 thoughts on “Happy 4th Birthday Tedy!

  1. Thank you so much for sharing this! What a beautiful child he is, inside and out. You are at the top of the list of moms I admire and not because you have a special needs child, but because you have such joy as a mother. Your faith and love shines through every time I see you.

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