Baby it’s cold outside!

I am sick of being told “oh you can’t complain because it’s negative blah blah blah here” or “oh when we used to live in such-a-such place this was normal.” Well let me tell you why I’m allowed to say it’s cold when it’s in the teens with a wind chill making it feel like 7. I know I grew up in places like Watertown, NY & Dedham, MA but let me remind you, I’ve lived south of the Mason-Dixon Line since 2005! Yes I used to go snowboarding and even worked at a ski area but the last time I even hit the slopes was 5 years ago! Also, for Coastal Georgia this sort of weather is not normal! Many people that live here do not have proper clothing for these temperatures. Sadly way too many kids will go to school without a real winter jacket on, maybe just a fleece because parents don’t feel like spending the money on a decent jacket since we have so few days in these low temps. I think that’s absolute BS – no matter where we live our kids will always have a decent winter jacket because you never know when you’ll have days like this and you want to be prepared. Cold related illnesses and injuries are no joke folks. Also the feeling of the cold is relative; in the south our bodies are accustomed to much warmer temperatures so when a cold front snaps in like this it can wreak havoc on our systems. Finally, houses here are not insulated the same ways they are up north. We have electric heating and many homes don’t have insulation around the pipes – I have a few friends whom woke up to frozen pipes this morning. So there that’s it I had to let it out because I’m sick of it. It’s cold, yes it’ll only last a few day but still it’s cold and I’m allowed to say so. Stay warm and take proper precautions for the elements no matter where you live.


One thought on “Baby it’s cold outside!

  1. Ann Delise says:

    So very true I lived down south up north Germany and other places when the cod hit south they just don’t know what has hot them they do not have the equipment or means for such cold temps.
    I know you would walk with flip flops on in the snow when you were at Regiis
    I also know that not all people have the means to dress their children or them self properly
    I will be glad when it warms up here
    Stay safe and stay warm

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