Peace Out 2013

2013 was an interesting year for sure; full of ups and downs. I kept some of my resolutions and it’s helped me to refocus for 2014. Here are a few major highlights:
• I did way more than one race per season. Actually I think I did at least one race a month. Or I at least have enough bling greater than a race a month. Racing wise it was my best yet. I tackled sprint triathlons and placed top 10 each time and even placed 1st in my age group for Jekyll and 2nd for my last race of the year (first out of the water). I learned a lot about myself during triathlons and especially triathlon training. Sadly though I must announce that due to an upcoming move smack dab in the middle of the 2014 tri season well, I won’t be competing in the tri world [plus my bike is broken] but I already have some goals set looking way ahead to 2015. I will keep running though. Running wise in 2013 I PR’d in the 5k, 10k and 1/2 marathon and took home a bunch of awards. Looking ahead I have 2014 races set for January through April and will kick off the New Year with my first ultra marathon [my only goal for the 50K is to complete it in the allotted time].

• I had some 2013 fitness goals and I was well on my way to reaching them about half way through the year. Yet then Troy got “shot in the buttocks” and I know I’m making light of it now but it did suck and it was a difficult transition so quickly back from deployment for both of us. My training was completely derailed but I’ll take it because it meant that Troy was back home. Again I truly believe that Saint Michael shielded him that day and protected him in battle. So sorry, not sorry to report folks I just missed my 1000 mile goal. Yet I didn’t log every little thing so I probably did hit it, just not officially. Oh well. Not going to try again in 2014; in the New Year I just want to stay happy, healthy and fit and a mileage number doesn’t really matter that much because it’s more than miles that matter in life. Oh and I still suck at push-ups but strength training will be something I continue to work on in 2014.

• I’m 30 – I’ve come to terms with it and though some days it’s a tough thing to realize I am thankful that God has given me 30 [and counting] amazing years!
• I need to get back to the not biting my nails thing and watching my mouth. Yet on the plus side I will say that I rewound a bit to 2012 goals and brought them out again to rid my life of negativity. It meant letting some “friendships” fizzle out and rekindling old ones that have been true blue all along. I’ve also made some new friends, especially through my amazing running community; which spans across the country; so when we transition to a new area in 2014 I know I won’t be alone and starting from scratch again.

Well I think that’s about it for 2013. I tend to prefer even numbered years anyway and am very much looking forward to what 2014 has in store. I hope y’all have a very happy and blessed new year!


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