Playing Tourist – The Wilkes House – Savannah, GA

Too often people at Ft Stewart complain that there’s nothing to do and blah blah blah negative nellies the lot of em! Though I will admit that being stationed here has had its challenges we’ve also made a point to explore what’s around us so we don’t get caught up in the negativity. Today we took advantage of the gem that is Savannah, GA. Sorry folks just going to the mall in Savannah doesn’t count you have to explore, take tips from folks and enjoy the rich history of the city. The Wilkes House is a MUST VISIT if you’re in Savannah! It is unlike any dining experience around! When my friend first told me what time she was going to get there at and I looked up what time they actually opened I thought she was a bit crazy, yet when we arrived I quickly saw why she did what she did. The Wilkes House is only open Monday-Friday from 11-2. I arrived around 9:45 and she was already in line and mind you she wasn’t the first in line and there were already people behind her! Here are a few tips to prepare you for this experience:
• have a designated line holder [this person can switch out]. Some people even brought out camp chairs to sit in while waiting.
• arrive no later than 10am. [this line is seriously no joke it literally goes down the block, wraps around the street and down that block by 10:30].
• bring quarters because the only parking is on the street and the meters only take quarters.
• bring cash. [it’s a cash only place $18 for adults and $9 for kids 12 & under].

So here’s the dilly the food is good ole southern style home cooking soul food! The atmosphere makes it unlike any dining experience around. The food is served family style but don’t worry, with over a dozen bowls of southern cuisine you’re likely to find something everyone in the family will enjoy. The beverage: “Georgia Water” aka sweet tea [if you don’t like sweet tea you can ask for unsweetened tea or water]. Yet before you chow down don’t forget to pray, they open up shop with a blessing over the food. Oh and since it’s family style, if you didn’t bring your whole family/large party for lunch don’t worry, the large dining tables don’t leave empty seats and you’ll make new family for the meal. Finally just like mama taught ya, and in keeping with tradition of the Wilkes House, when you’re done eating you help clear the table by bringing your plate, utensils and cup up to the kitchen.
All in all I enjoyed the delish food [“diets” don’t count when trying the local cuisine] and unique atmosphere of the experience that was the Wilkes House. So don’t forget to get out there and explore the world around you, maybe you’ll find a gem of your own to play tourist at and tell me about.


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