Savannah Jingle Jog 2013

Well my last race of 2013 has come and gone. I think I picked the perfect race to end my best racing year yet! The Savannah Jingle Jog [for adoption] was phenomenal!

Yes it was a little bit more than I typically like to pay for a 5K but it was my own fault for waiting so long to sign up and also I didn’t take advantage of the buy one get one saved by the deal that goes with the Celebration run next weekend (Troy’s doing that one) but I was totally ok with that because the proceeds for this race go to benefit two very deserving families with their adoption process!
Not only did this race benefit a great cause it was also on a course unlike any other. The course was on the track on Hutchison Island in Savannah through the locally famous Festival of Lights. It was an out and back so you got to go through the Festival of Lights twice. Honestly though I’m glad that we had done a fun run with Victoria Runs through the lights a couple weeks earlier or else I would’ve been very distracted by the beauty of the lights and the Talmadge Bridge in the background. Another cool thing about it being an out and back is seeing friends along the way. I got a couple of compliments at the end on how I looked like I was having so much fun. I’m glad that I look like I’m having fun because I feel like I’m having fun and I truly enjoy running. I even paused a little at the water station to quickly joke around with Georgia Game Changers about what was really in the water 😉 shout out to Kerry, Ron & Sandra for being out there with water. If you ever get a chance to work a water station I highly recommend it, it’s a ton of fun and the runners truly appreciate it. The other compliment I received was how bright I was and a total stranger even stopped me after the event saying she saw me running and thought I was part of the show. Here’s why she thought that, I was literally a running light display and truly jingled all the way.

My costume had over 50 lights and close to 30 bells on it. I even won the costume contest (and everyone wants me to take them to Olive Garden now with my prize). Going into this race I had a goal of 25 minutes and I hit that with an official time of 25:21 [Troy said I looked slow. Geesh. I felt comfortable so I guess I’ll take it lol.] which was good enough for 3rd place in my age group. They gave out cute homemade snowflake medals. My dad got 2nd place in his age group.

20131224-111554.jpg and a few of my other friends there placed in their age groups as well. It was so cool seeing so many friends taking awards home.
One other super cool part about the event was the kids race. Before the 5K started there was a free Santa chase for the kiddos.

20131224-124411.jpg Sophia had an absolute blast with her friends [this was the first “race” she did without a fuss].

20131224-124536.jpg Tedy did a good job running with Troy too. At the end the kiddos got small gifts from Santa. All in all this was a great race for the whole family and I’m glad my whole family [and friends] had a blast!



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