Five Fingers Family

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…when it comes to Vibrams Five Fingers I was hands down the biggest skeptic out there! I thought the shoes were down right gimmicky and funky looking. It took me a while to adjust to them (I even still get thrown for a loop seeing someone wear them) and a good year to even want to try them on! But now here I am a few short months after buying my first pair, waiting for a style to come into my local running store [Georgia Game Changers] so I can add another pair to my collection. Oh and my husband now owns a pair. Oh and my daughter just got a pair! Yes, my daughter, my almost 6 year-old-I-don’t-do-organized-sports-I’m-an-old-soul-free-spirited-happy-go-lucky-sweet-and-sassy-girl.
Let’s talk a bit more about the journey to Sophia’s newest pair of shoes. Sophia doesn’t like to wear shoes. Typically if she has to have something protecting her feet it’s flip flops; which luckily is fine because we live down south and have barely even a month out of the year where the weather truly calls for covered toes. Yet when she is in school she has to have shoes with a back [ok they can wear open toe shoes as long as they have a back but I’m just not having that for school purposes]. Sophia is a fairly picky girl when it comes to shoes and clothing. She usually has one pair of shoes she will regularly wear and she wears them out! At the beginning of this school year we bought her two pairs of shoes and she will only wear one pair. Well here we are half way through the year and the girl desperately needs some new kicks. Honestly she could’ve used new kicks at least a month ago. Yet whenever we went shopping she didn’t see anything she really liked so I didn’t bother wasting the money. One day Sophia forgot shoes and she had to wear he brothers shoes; at first she fussed because they weren’t hers but then she ended up liking them and told me she wanted a pair like Tedy’s. Tedy has Merrels that are made with Vibram technology. So we went to Georgia Game Changers when they were having a Christmas sale and decided to look into getting her some new shoes. Well they didn’t have the Merrels in a girlie color and this is when Troy ended up buying his Five Fingers. While Troy was trying his shoes on Sophia started to show interest in the Five Fingers. Yet of course they didn’t have girlie ones and the ones they had were a bit too big. Yet of course because Georgia Game Changers has amazing customer service they still worked with her and treated her like any other customer! Mo measured her foot and Sandra pulled up the Vibrams site to see what they had in Sophia’s size. Her options were limited but luckily she saw a pair of pink ones she liked and they ordered them for her. Sophia left the store very excited that she was going to be getting new shoes. She not-so-patiently waited for her new kicks to come in. When I got word (really it too about a week which isn’t too shabby this time of year) her new shoes were in her face lit up! We went into the store to pick them up and they employees loved how cute the shoes were. They opened the box and Sophia beamed and agreed that they were cute. With a little bit of assistance (it takes a few tries to adjust to Five Fingers) she slipped into her new shoes and began to test them out. She stepped on the rocks, ran around the store a bit, the whole nine yards. She was so excited she couldn’t wait to get out and show her daddy. Of course in true Sophia fashion she had to show everyone in the store! We paid for the shoes, Ron took her picture and she was off running. I am so glad she instantly fell in love with her new kicks and look forward to see her running a kids race in them next weekend. So there, Vibram Five Fingers are now kid tested and Rambling Mom approved!

[photo courtesy of Georgia Game Changers]


2 thoughts on “Five Fingers Family

  1. Ann Delise says:

    I am glad that she likes them . I would never thought that she would like them but if she wears them and has no problem good for her .
    She looks so cute with them on
    I just wonder if any other children will say anything about her new kicks

  2. Those are cute! I have two pairs. I hate running in them, but I would like to start wearing them on a regular basis to help strengthen more small muscles down there. One of my pairs is actually child’s size, and I find they’re actually harder to get on than my adult ones!

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