Running helps you let go…

Today I set out for a run completely led by my heart. I had no plans on running at all today, I mean it’s been raining, truly down pouring on and off all day!
Yet this afternoon after getting worked up over petty stupid stuff involving people that really don’t mean a thing to me and that I rarely talk to and truly may never cross paths with again after we leave Ft Stewart and even we did ever cross paths again we wouldn’t really talk anyways…that’s the down side of living on post I guess you’re forced to be in fairly close quarters, and for those of us that have had a true college experience it’s almost worse than living in a dorm because the walls are still paper thin but at least in college you knew you’d have a break at the end of the semester, and even more so at the end of the year, or if you were as fortunate enough as I was you got to live with your best friends and it was great. Yet here I am at 30 years old dealing with stupid stuff from people mostly younger than I am and well I’m just plum over it!
So here’s an answer for y’all that continually wonder why I’m into running and why running in the rain would be refreshing: (in the words of my father-in-law) “YOU CAN’T FIX STUPID!” This has been a mantra running through my head when dealing with the craziness around me. I’ve gotten much better at letting go and I’m thankful for my friends for allowing me to vent and reminding me that I can’t fix it and that “this too shall pass” and I’m even more thankful to my husband who’ll happily watch the kiddos so I can let the craziness of things that I can’t change go.
When I decided to go run today I thought I would go for 5 miles and maybe complete them in an hour. I happily grabbed my new Moms Run This Town Headsweats visor, got changed for December weather, (randomly found my Garmin charger that I’d been searching like a mad woman for) filled up my water, put on my head lamp, put on my pink PT belt (safety first folks it’s getting dark early plus it had been a fairly gloomy day), hooked Toby’s leash to my hydration belt and set out for my run.

When I got outside I realized my wardrobe choice wasn’t the best; capris and a long sleeve shirt and it’s almost 70 and humid – Dear South East Georgia, my body is beyond confused with your crazy weather this time of year! Oh well, it started to drizzle and I figured I might get cold at some point so no biggie.
Toby and I took it fairly easy for the first mile because he of course had to stop to mark his “territory” and relive himself [hey turd owners – carry baggies with you – your millions of Wally World bags that you typically throw away well, KEEP THEM and PICK UP YOUR DOGS POOP]. For mile two we got into a nice easy pace and I decided I needed to get some ultra training in and run on the “trail” aka the “grass” next to the path. Yet then nature called and even though I was only a half mile away from my friends house and I totally could’ve stopped there I was uber thankful for the random clean porta potties that are around Ft Stewart because I may not have made it.

At this point I could’ve turned around and gone home because I was already at 2.6 miles (half way to my original goal) but then I decided nah, let’s go 3 before heading back home. So I went down a side path I don’t often take and hit 3 miles and kept going. Once we were at the very end of that path I turned back toward the road and began to head home. Then I came to the fork in the road where my house would be just 2 miles away and I could finish up my 5 yet I decided to go the other way and make it 6. When we hit 5 miles and I heard the split that we were comfortably under an hour this made me really happy because we had both taken bathroom breaks. We were cruising along and when I got back into my neighborhood there I was with another choice – turn right and just make it 6 or turn left and keep going. Apparently my heart and Toby weren’t done running because we easily went left. During mile 7 the rain came pouring down harder than it had throughout our whole run. Yet it was no big deal, we just kept Forrest Gumping it. You won’t always have ideal conditions on race day so sometimes you just have to let go and train in the elements as well. Plus I was feeling amazing which made me feel even better because honestly I haven’t been feeling that great since my marathon in October. This run was super encouraging for my feelings toward upcoming events, most especially for the Ledesma Rails 2 Trails Ultra Marathon that’s now only 20 some odd days away! When we hit our front door we were exactly at 7 miles. Soaking wet I rang my doorbell and felt like a cleansed person (literally and figuratively) when I walked back into the house. The negativity I had in me was washed away because I ran it away [in the rain]. How amazing is that?! So next time you’re feeling a bit low or feel like punching someone in the face try going out for a little run and letting your heart guide you as you release the stress because remember, “you can’t fix stupid.”


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