Quick Rant – Under Armour

I was recently told by an avid reader that I rarely have a negative post. I personally take that as a compliment because it’s been an on going goal of mine to rid my life of negativity. This post isn’t exactly negative but more of a critique and some consumer awareness.
Under Armour has close ties with the Wounded Warrior Project and before my husband, Troy was a Wounded Warrior I didn’t fully realize how much the organizations did for the cause. Here’s the reality folks, when a soldier is evacuated out of theatre (ie: Afghanistan) and to Landstuhl Army Medical Center in Germany they most likely have nothing with them and I literally mean NOTHING with the exception of the sheet that covers them and if you’re lucky a pair of shorts that someone kindly quickly grabbed for you. So imagine that, being injured, medically evacuated and you don’t have a thing! Thankfully the Wounded Warrior Project quickly steps in and provides with a WWP Backpack gift from Under Armour. So when you as a donor purchase this (click here to see the details) it directly goes to provide for a newly wounded soldier in need. Due to Troy’s experience we are forever grateful for this.
I had the utmost respect for Under Armour and their work with the Wounded Warrior Project until recently when the new Northwestern Football uniform was revealed. Granted this uniform will only be worn for one game I am overall appalled by the design and think that it’s a big FAIL by the creators and that they could’ve done better. Call me overly sensitive or whatever but until you’ve experienced what it’s like to get a phone call saying your spouse was involved in an IED incident, until you’ve changed bandages from the wounds, until you’ve seen other friends come home missing limbs, until you’ve lost friends to war (these are my personal experiences) in my opinion you can just keep your mouth shut! The splatters of red in the uniform are over the top and uncalled for!
Northwesterns colors are purple and white so I understand that they wanted to be more patriotic but they went overboard. Great that they want to raise awareness about the Wounded Warrior Project but as a consumer please pay attention to how proceeds are being used; is it really worth spending $75 on a jersey when not even $10 will be donated back to the cause?! I personally don’t think so.
In conclusion, Under Armour has lost a bit of respect from me. Yet please check out the Wounded Warrior Project website and educate yourself a bit more on he amazing things that THIS organization does. Also, as a consumer please take a moment and educate yourself on why you’re purchasing something. Is it just because it’s pretty and pink, when in actuality only 1% of your money actually goes back to the cause? Or is it truly helpful to the cause? I could go on and on about this especially as someone whom has learned a ton about this fundraiser end of things as a runner but I’ll leave it at that for today.


One thought on “Quick Rant – Under Armour

  1. Ann Delise says:

    I liked this post saw the one from the person who thought you did not appricatr what was give to Troy I think he should reread your post becaus I fell they did. Not get it. I know that all who service are great full for what is done from them . Even though we should’be thanking them and their families for all they do to make our country safe.for us and how selfless most of them are
    So I agree the uniform was not in the best taste why not just red white and.blue and stars

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