Easy Peasy Tshirt to Youth Skirt Sewing Project

I confess that I am not a big clothes shopper! I hate it! I especially hate shopping for myself but this isn’t really what it’s all about. It’s more about kids clothing. Kids grow so quickly out of clothes. Or they ruin clothes because they play so hard in them. What’s a mom to do?! Well I came up with an easy clean out the closet and reuse/ upcycle what we already have alternative. This (pictured below) was the finished product and it’s become one of my original posts on Pinterest that’s been a very popular repin!

I left the basic instructions in the comments when I first pinned it and since it’s become so popular I thought I would do a full post about it.

Step 1: take an old Tshirt that’s just been sitting in your closet because honesty if you’re like me you’ve done a ton or races and just have too many race shirts that you barely ever wear!
Side tip: many race tshirts are white – get creative and tie dye the shirt for a cool new style!

Step 2: Iron the shirt. Yes iron the shirt because you know it’s just been sitting somewhere in your closet crumpled in a ball. Plus this way it’ll make the next steps a bit smoother and more accurate.

Step 3: cut the shirt just below the logo.
Side tip: while you’re at it cut out the logo and save it for your Tshirt quilt. I’ll get to that how to another day.

Step 4: back to the ironing board. Turn the material you cut inside out and fold down to make an even edge. Iron the edge down.

Step 5: sew the edge that you just ironed down. Sorry I am terrible and don’t know the exact name of the stitch that I used, I just call my hemming stitch.
Side tip: I turned the material right side out because I confess my thread and bobbin thread did match. Honestly though it doesn’t matter that much because the elastic you’re going to use will cover it up.

Step 6: anchor sew down the edge of your elastic.
Side tip: oops forgot to mention how you even know how much elastic to have in the first place – measure your child’s waist and subtract an inch. So for example if your child’s waist is 20in you’ll need 19in of elastic.
For this project I used a roll of “head band” elastic from Hobby Lobby because I think it’s super cute! Plus it’s the same elastic I use to make my tutus. It’s about $4 but watch that Hobby Lobby app because they have sales all the time and about every other week you can get this 50% off oh and hey Hobby Lobby gives you. 40% off coupon on the app! I know that was a big plug for Hobby Lobby (just remember they aren’t open on Sunday’s) if you aren’t fortunate enough to have a Hobby Lobby near you don’t fret you can find some cool elastic at Joanne Fabric, etc. the only down side is that you typically have to buy it by the yard in these other stores. Yet you could also buy a package of thick elastic (which most walmarts carry) and use that.

Step 7: straight stitch sew the elastic to the material. Remember the elastic is going up at the hem you made because the edge of Tshirt makes for a perfect bottom hem of the skirt. While you’re sewing the elastic be sure to keep it stretched out! Doing this will allow the jersey material to nicely gather and will ensure a comfortable flow fit of the skirt.

Step 8: once all of the elastic is sewn to the Tshirt turn it inside out an line up the two edges of the elastic. Pin the bottom edge of the material so it stays matched up as you sew. Sew the elastic ends together and straight stitch down from there. You most likely won’t use all of Tshirt material so after you’ve sewn the edges cut the excess fairly close to the edges you just sewed.
Side tip: the excess material from the skirt project can be used for numerous other projects. One of my favorite uses though is to turn it into a cloth wipe.

Tada! All done! Easy Peasy! At this point you can add embellishment to the skirt if you want. In the original post I added a simple bow and used my button stitch to secure it to the skirt.


That’s my Ceci modeling her new skirt. It’s a little big which is ok by me because that means she’ll be able to wear it longer. Also this project is perfect for cute play clothes! Hope you enjoyed this post and good luck to you if you’re going to attempt it. Seriously it’s easy peasy and perfect for a beginner seamstress as well or even for a young seamstress. If you have questions you can find me on Facebook !


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