I’ve Got Spirit – How About You?!

Today I wore this shirt:

I went to a fundraising event at my husbands unit and when I arrived I received a comment about my outfit: “Wow you’re really into this stuff huh?!” My reply: “Yes I am and I even parked in the Marne Spirit spot at the Px today!”
The conversation continued with questions about what Marne Spirit even is. For those of you wondering, it’s a volunteer recognition award for our division, 3rd ID. When I received the award I was surprised because I never expected to receive it. I volunteer because I feel it is the proper thing to do, clearly I’m not in it for the money [though some people assume we get paid to be the FRG leader, actually I even had someone think I was an officer in the Army as well]. One of the benefits of being a recipient of the Marne Spirit award is a special parking spot at the Px.

Until today I had never considered parking in this spot but I have had a very stressful week and the lot was crowded [because it was lunch time] so I proudly parked there.
Yet I don’t volunteer to earn a parking spot. I volunteer because long ago I was shown by my mom and my Nani [well she’s not really my Nani but hey Judy’s Army family and she’s known me since I was a baby] that you can’t say “someone should do something” and meanwhile sit back and complain. No, you must step up and be that someone! My “job” is far from easy! I often feel like a punching bag when people are overly emotional and take their frustrations and stress out on me. During the past year that I’ve held this current position I have wanted to quit time and time again. Yet every time I feel that way God sends me one of my amazing role models to be the light in the dark times. Sometimes it’s by a simple thank you or a “paycheck” of cupcakes or words of encouragement or by them being a shining example. I want to share this shining example with you, my Dee-Dee [Nani Judy’s daughter] she recently received a volunteer recognition award and continues to show selfless service when receiving the award because she turned around and donated her gift (you can read the full story on the New Hampshire National Guard Facebook Page).
So let me piece this all together for you – today I showed some spirit for the Rock of the Marne and there was an attempt to crush that spirit (maybe not on purpose) but it really got me thinking and Troy and I had an excellent discussion about this – why not have Pride and show your Spirit for your community?! Maybe if more people did so then there wouldn’t be so much negativity! So even when times are tough [which right now they are very dark in our country with war and a government shutdown, etc] take a moment and embrace the SPIRIT of your community! Get involved, be that someone to be a light in the darkness!


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