Life skills

Many of the everyday life-skills I use I learned how to do back in my days at Case Junior High School in Watertown, New York. We had rotating tech classes half the year and rotating home-ec the other half. In tech I learned things like how to use tools and even how to write a check. In home-ec I learned things like how to cook and sew.
When I moved and went to high school the options to take more of these classes was there but you didn’t get as much credit for them so I didn’t take any. Plus very few girls took classes like auto and wood working.
I didn’t get it then and I still don’t get it today – why do so many people look down on these classes? They can be hard! Don’t believe me then why don’t you walk around Dedham, Massachusetts and take a look at the beautiful wood signs that say Welcome to Dedham on them – the ones with the cute blue bunnies on them – many of them were made by high schoolers. Do you think you could easy peasy whip one of those up? I may be good with power tools but that is mad skill!
Why do we look down on these life skills?! Why aren’t they given as much credit?! Why as adults are there so many stupid mommy wars?! I should’ve known back in Mrs. Fitzgerald’s cooking class that I would loathe doing the dishes as an adult but love to cook. You know, there are many people I know whom could benefit from that class because we learned how to properly set the table and we even had to hand wash dishes.
I know I’m rambling (as usual) but my point is that maybe we should think twice about these things and encourage them at a younger age. Seriously how many of you have a true household budget? I know some people that don’t even know how to write a check and balance a checkbook because we live in such a digital age – they also tend to be the ones complaining to me about money and over draft issues. Maybe we need to better incorporate these skills into our school system and have a math class called life math which includes lessons on how to balance a budget and a checkbook.
I know you can’t fully rely on schools for these sorts of classes but I’m just putting it out there and you better believe that we will incorporate these lessons to our children. Sophia already helps me bake, Tedy even knows what is needed to make pasta, Ceci likes to clean and is mesmerized by the sewing machine. These are simple skills but they go a long way in every day life, especially as an adult.


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