One month until my 3rd MCM


We are officially 1 month from MCM! This will be my 3rd time running this event and my sisters 1st. My dad and Troy will be running the 10K. It’ll be my Dads first 10K and Troy will be pacing him through it.
October is just a few days away and it’ll make the “holy moly I’m running another marathon” feeling set in even more! I will admit that this time around I haven’t been following a set training plan and just doing what I can when I can. I wanted to try to qualify for Boston with this event but honestly I doubt my ability to run that fast for that long so after talking with some friends who are running this as well I reset my goals and am going for a PR and will be happy around the 4ish hour mark.
Speaking of Boston due to the tragic terrorist attack at the finish line this past April the MCM has released this statement (thanks MRTT for sharing on Facebook).


This drastically changes training plans for some people. At first I was a bit upset about it as well because I typically wear a fuel belt now. Yet then I got to thinking…I didn’t carry anything the first time I ran it in 2010. Also, at the chase the sun ultra last weekend I forgot my belt and ran over 20 miles no problem. The loop for chase the sun was just under 2 miles and I often waited until I completed 2 loops before feeling like I needed to stop. The marines do events right! They are very well organized and I know they’ll bring their A+++ game for the 38th running of the MCM so I know I’ll be fine with what they have out on the course.
One thing I haven’t decided on yet and honestly it’ll probably depend on the weather the day of the race is if I’ll be checking a bag or not this year which is something I’ve never done. It’s sad that this is what the running world has come to but it’s understandable because the MCM is a very large race that runs by every major site of DC! Yet honestly I remember “back in the day” going out for runs with absolutely nothing! I would take off without a cell phone, without a watch, wearing whatever I had, often without telling anyone and just going wherever my feet took me. Now that was well over 10 years ago and everything about my running has drastically changed since then but I survived. I wouldn’t suggest doing that anymore because it’s an uncertain dark world that we live in right now. Yet there is still light and as that light we as runners need to shine bright and show that we are stronger than ever and we will support each other along the course. Our training plans may have to be altered a bit since we can’t take our own water but hey I can guarantee the marines won’t let y’all down! They’ll be out there supporting you more than ever so go run and have fun – I know I will!


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