Run Disney Medal Hanger

This project has been a long time coming because Troy and I started 2013 with a trip to Disney for the Run Disney Marathon. He did he the marathon (his first full) and I did the Goofy challenge (half marathon on Saturday followed by a full marathon on Sunday). I don’t think I ever did a race report blog post for it so this will make up for that. Basically the race sucked for me running wise. I fell and twisted my ankle literally .3 into the half marathon on Saturday morning so I was hurting for the remaining 39 miles over 2 days yet luckily Troy held my hand and walked with me through the marathon on Sunday. I am so blessed, truly “the Luckiest” that he’s my husband. Even though I was in a crazy amount of pain I still finished it and collected 3 medals for the weekend! Well it’s now mid-September and I just hung up those medals this evening! Typically I like to shadow box stuff like that but I couldn’t find a box that I liked. So today I was cleaning out the office/craft room (I know I know major shocker that I was cleaning that room) and I was a bit upset at first that I found this frame with the glass broken. As I was throwing out the frame I decided to just toss the glass and figured I’d find something crafty to do with it. I had a few ideas floating in my head and set it aside. Then I came across our Run Disney medals and felt terrible that they’d just been sitting in the bag for months. So I took that old frame and got to work.

I had no clue what I was going to do so I just went with the creative energy flow. I printed out a copy of the picture of Minnie & Mickey that we had on our tshirts and took our race bibs and set them as the background.

Then I found some hooks, laid the medals down to space out the hooks and screwed the hooks into place.

Viola custom medal hanger done and it didn’t cost me a dime because I had everything on hand! I really like how it came out and am glad I finally got it done. Troy was impressed with it as well and thankful that I finally did something with the medals and bibs.

Honestly I’m not sure if I would do Run Disney again because it’s a very expensive very crowded race but I do recommend doing it just once or runner friends. It is fun, being your phone to take lots of pics, don’t worry so much about time just have fun and don’t wait forever like I did to display your medal.
“Have a MAGICAL day!”


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