Pumpkins – Part 1: Wine Bottles

IT’S PUMPKIN SEASON!!! Fall is upon us (well technically not officially but still). Everywhere you turn there’s pumpkin flavored this and that. Fall is hands down my FAVORITE time of year!
• the weather is comfortable (ok I live in south east Georgia so I pretend I’m up in New England)
• the leaves are beautiful (well in New England anyway)
• it’s FOOTBALL season
• and FIELD HOCKEY season (though I haven’t played in about 8 years)
• the food is DELICIOUS (pumpkin, cranberry, apple, etc…mmmmmmm…)
• HALLOWEEN is just around the corner (which means Troy & I will be celebrating our Halloweeniversary)
• my BIRTHDAY is in OCTOBER (it’s the big 3-0 this year so watch out)!
Ok the list could go on and on but let’s get back to the whole pumpkin thing.
After our accountability bike ride this morning my friend Megan and I attempted a pinterest pumpkin craft (that’ll be a post for another day because I haven’t perfected it just yet). When I got home I started working on the project again using a wine bottle but then decided to switch gears and simply fell in love with the result! So here we go folks wine bottle pumpkin!
Items needed:
• hot glue & hot glue gun
• twine (preferably orange)
• felt (black or yellow/ jack-o-lantern style)
• scissors
• wine bottle (doesn’t necessarily have to be empty because it could make for a nice gift as well. You could use a beer bottle for a smaller pumpkin)

Pretty “easy peasy mac-n-cheesy” (as Phia says).
• using a dab of hot glue, glue down a piece of twine
• tightly wrap the twine around the bottle (you don’t even have to remove the labels if you won’t want to) using dabs of hot glue as needed (mostly needed toward the nape of the neck)
• once bottle is completely wrapped cut the twine and add a dab of hot glue at the end to set in place
• take your scissors and cut out a jack-o-lantern face (I used my fancy smancy fiskars) an hot glue it into place
• I added a little trick or treat bow just because I had the ribbon hanging around. You could embellish the top to your taste. You don’t have to add the face either if you don’t want to. Maybe make it a little classier to last all of fall by adding a leaf or something. (Hhmmmm maybe I’ll have to make another one)



3 thoughts on “Pumpkins – Part 1: Wine Bottles

  1. Laurie Free says:

    This looks like a fun craft!!! I grew up in New Eng – I love love love fall!! I’m not crafty but maybe ill try this.. Maybe by Christmas- green twine??

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