GIVEAWAY – Fresh Feet Wipes

I have a confession…I have nasty sweaty stinky feet!

Let me rewind a little bit and tell you about an old pair of shoes…  Image

my Adidas Samba’s – I LOVED THESE SHOES!  I wore them almost every day for like 5 years!  The STANK!  My mom tried EVERYTHING under the sun to keep them from overpowering the house when I took them off.  I LOVED these shoes!  Yet in College my dorm-mates weren’t so happy about my irrational attachment to these kicks and one fateful day they were tossed down the trash shoot of Angela Hall.  Don’t ask me why but for some crazy reason I get attached to my shoes.  Ask my husband, I have multiple pairs of sneakers and they each serve a specific purpose and none of them are easy to part with!  I’ve gotten better about my attachment to stinky sneakers since my samba days and now have a cycle for shoes.  Yet this post isn’t really about the shoes but about feet.  So clearly I have a stinky feet problem – some people sweat under their arm pits, not me really, my feet and my hair get sweaty.  So sweaty feet lead to stinky feet and well there isn’t really a “deodorant” for feet.  Yet there is a refresher for feet – FRESH FEET WIPES!  Thanks to my Savannah Moms Run This Town chapter I was able to get my hands (or maybe I should say my feet) on some of these wipes.  I will admit that I was a bit skeptical at first and started doing some research.  I learned all about Fresh Feet Wipes (click “about” to read the story) on their website and quickly found two things really cool and thought:


2) They’re the founders of FUEL BELT HOW COOL IS THAT?!  I LOVE my products from them!

So I decided to give the Fresh Feet Wipes a go.  I tested out the Kids ones first on my son – you see Tedy likes to spend as much time as possible outside without shoes on and well, it’s been a very rainy season down here in Coastal Georgia so our yard has been more of a mud bog than a yard which means icky nasty muddy feet!  They worked out very well and his sensitive skin didn’t have an adverse reaction.  Clean kid feet = happy mama!  Then I tested out the Peppermint wipes after an intense workout one sticky day initial thought = AHHHHHHHH-MAZING!  They were VERY refreshing and helped soothe my dog tired feet during the dog days of summer!

The dog days of summer are coming to an end but that doesn’t mean your feet still won’t need relief – for me it means my run training has ramped up even more which in turn means continued nasty feet.  Let me tell you guys, it is so refreshing to take off my kicks after a long run, peel off my sweaty socks and wipe down my feet with these wipes!  I still need to get my soldier to test them out but I’m sure he’ll love them!

By the way they also have Yoga Mat Wipes which would be PERFECT to toss in your gym bag and use to wipe down those nasty gym mats when you work out.  Oh and another super cool thing about this company is their “footprint”:


“We care about making our feet feel fresh and clean, but we also know that there are much bigger issues to worry about in life, too. That is why Fresh Feet Wipes is committed to giving back 10% of our profits to organizations working to leave a positive footprint in the world.

We have also pledged to do our part by limiting packaging material and plastics used during production of all our products. We use natural ingredients and Chlorine-free wipes. Our goal at Fresh Feet Wipes is to make a fresh impact and leave little behind. All products are vegan friendly and not tested on animals.”

[quote from website]

They’ve donated to organizations that are close to my heart such as Boston Children’s Hospital and Girls On The Run.  Thanks to their generosity to MRTT as well I am able to do this giveaway!  Easy giveaway Folks – use the Rafflecopter Widget and be sure to “Like” the Rambling Mom Facebook page.  Prize [pictured below] 1 Pack of Peppermint Wipes and 1 Pack of Grapefruit “kids” wipes (10 wipes/pack).  Disclaimer – giveaway is open to continental US only.  Contest ends at midnight on Sunday, September 15, 2013 so be sure to enter and pass it onto your friends!  GOOD LUCK!



a Rafflecopter giveaway    <—– CLICK THIS LINK FOR THE GIVEAWAY!


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