Pooler 5K

Today’s race officially marks 1 year of Natural Running for me! With that being said I want to send a HUGE SHOUT OUT to: GEORGIA GAME CHANGERS [located in Richmond Hill, GA] check this out they wrapped their RV – how cool is that?!

I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am for them! They’ve been open just over a year and are such an amazing mission based store that TRULY cares about EVERY level of runner, no matter what your age [side bar – when we got Tedy’s merrells there they treated him with just as much respect as they would any other customer].
In 2012, just before the Pooler 5K I attended my first natural running clinic with Sandra at Georgia Game Changers. It made a HUGE difference and I PR’d and broke that 30 min plateau I had been at for so long! Thanks to them I have learned so much about running and continue to set and reach new goals. Today was HUGE for me, I set another PR [for a stand alone 5K] finishing in 23:55. The coolest thing is that I know I can keep running strong and improving all while having fun while running because it’s not as painful anymore!
Also this race marks 1 year of knowing Fatty to IronMom aka Jillian! [the next couple of pics I snagged from Jillian’s & from Running, Our Way aka Jennifer’s Facebook pages] ok so check this out, Jillian and her hubby Joel rucked the 5K. Their rucks were full of non-perishable food items that a bunch of us donated. Joel in turn got with his Chaplain and they’re donating them to families in need!

Below is all of us and Jennifer’s super fast son, Morgan (he won 2nd in his age group and kicked my butt by a good couple of minutes) in front of the Georgia Game Changers cool new RV just before the race started.

It was a good up and back course and I simply had fun the whole time. For the first time ever I had to slow down to make sure my husband was holding up ok! I NEVER thought that would happen! In doing so I gave up my age group position yet it’s ok because he hit his goal of a sub 25 minute 5K finishing in 24:55! He was hurting but I am so proud of him! Our new Georgia Game Changers T-shirts read: “Don’t let a setback keep you from your comeback – be a game changer!” This rings so true for him, I mean it has literally been 2 months to the day from when he was hit by an IED in Afghanistan. It goes to show how blessed he is to be able to run a 5K!

This race had a couple of firsts as well. It was my first time wearing my new Garmin 310xt GPS watch (that’ll be a blog post in and of itself once I play around with it a bit more). It was also my first time wearing a tutu, which I got a bunch of compliments on. So hey folks if you want to order a tutu please send me an email at RamblingMom3@gmail.com (I will be creating an order form soon to make the process easier but hey I’m just getting started).

In closing I want to send a shout out to the Simmington’s for watching our kiddos.


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