When I was a kid…

When I was a kid…
We only had fire drills.
Sophia [is in kindergarten and] has: fire drills, tornado drills (ok that makes sense considering the area we live in and the weather we get) and today she has what she calls “bad guy drill”. While I am happy the school does this, it also breaks my heart that they have to. I am so proud of our girl though; all week long she has been explaining the various drills to us and what to do during the drills. Her teacher recently told me that she reacts properly and calmly to the drills (which is great with alarms because that girl has hyper sensitive hearing). Yet this morning when she got on the bus she was in tears and I’m not totally sure why (I gave her teacher the heads up via email just in case). It’s not the first rough morning for her but this seemed a little different. I know the drill is on her mind; it makes me wonder if she’s scared. It makes me wonder if she thinks something bad is going to happen or if she thinks that the practice will lead to reality. It simply breaks my heart. I try to shelter my kids from the harsh realities of what goes on in the world (when Sandy Hook happened I didn’t have the TV on, I played with my kids, they didn’t need to see that – they needed to live their childhood – I could get the news via twitter). I try to teach them to not be naive but also to not live in fear. Yet I fear that’s exactly what’s happening now – that the fears are setting into reality. She’s already an anxious kid [and like her mom] whom dislikes being alone or in the dark, etc. It is a tough world we live in; there is so much uncertainty [insert my political rant here about fear for the direction our country is going] in life. Letting go and letting God is easier said than done – yet we must – we must storm heaven with our prayers and fears and take proper actions for what we can control and always remember that even in the darkest of hours God is there! I’ve taught Sophia simple prayers for her times of trouble and it’s helped her to calm down. I hope that today she remembers those prayers and remembers that this is just a drill. I pray that this drill is never a reality for her. I pray for the children that have had this reality as well, especially for the repose of the souls of all children lost due to senseless violence. [Amen]


2 thoughts on “When I was a kid…

  1. Lisa Simmington says:

    This breaks my heart! Thankfully she is handling it well considering. I’m praying constantly for the safety of our kids and the state of this country/world.

  2. Katie Richard says:

    I love this one! Madison had an incident on the bus Friday where the bus driver pulled over to break up a fight between older kids and a parent was upset that he couldn’t get his child right away and started to forceably get on the bus to get his kid and the police had to be called. Now she is freaked out. When we were kids we didnt have issues like this!!!

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