“It’s the most wonderful time of the year…”
I’m not talking about Christmas folks I’m talking about FOOTBALL SEASON!!!!!!!!!!!!
Last weekend was the big kick off for College football. In this house we follow our dear grad school alma mater – Vanderbilt University (ANCHOR DOWN – VU – CONQUER & PREVAIL – VANDY). I was disappointed in the crazy result of a loss in their first game but that’s not really the point of this blog post. We kicked off the college football season in proper fashion with a cookout at a friends house and the VA Tech / Bama game on the TV of course. It took me back to our days at Vandy; to when we’d go to the VU game (if they were playing at home) then go back to the Elliston Pl apartment and have 4 (yes four) TVs on (all with a different game) and order Papa Johns pizza (and have them deliver up the 4 flights of stairs to the apartment even though they were directly in front of the building) and drink beer and just have a great Saturday! Don’t believe me about the proximity of Papa Johns, check this pic below (courtesy of my friends recent visit to Nashville).

Those days are long gone but we still LOOOOOOVEE FOOTBALL in this house!
This weekend (tonight actually) the NFL KICKS OFF!!!!!!!!!!!! We are a house divided – I am a NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS FAN & Troy is a Chicago Bears fan. Our children are Patriots fans ;-). Actually I allow our kiddos to be Bears fans too but truly they have significantly more Pats gear than Bears gear (thanks to my mom). Also this season I made up some house divided stuff. I made Ceci this cute little tutu:

and I also made a wreath for our door:

We are a house divided but support each others teams. Yet every season we declare: “This is the year – Pats / Bears Super Bowl!” That hasn’t happened since the 1985 season (Super Bowl XX) it was the FIRST Super Bowl appearance for BOTH teams and though sadly the Bears were victorious that day the Pats have made it back a few times and WON where as the Bears well they made it back but ummm yea…sorry Troy you know I just had to take a lil bit of a jab at your team for that.
If you’re interested in ordering a custom wreath ($25 – add $5 for shipping) or tutu (youth sizes – $15 adult sizes $25 – add $5 for shipping) please email
PSA – PLEASE DRINK RESPONSIBLY! Football season is a time for fun so don’t be a dumbass and drink & drive! Also don’t get so into the game and drunk that you become violent – no one likes a sore loser oh and hey, IT’S A GAME! ENJOY!


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