Dog Days of Summer (half marathoning)


My 3rd virtual half marathon is in the books. It’s my 6th half overall. I have lucky number 7 coming up this Saturday and am very interested to see how I’ll do with that. You see, I’ve never really raced a half marathon. Half marathons and I don’t exactly get along. The first half marathon I signed up for I didn’t even complete! Actually, I didn’t even start it! In 2007 Troy and I were signed up for the Music City Half Marathon in Nashville, TN. It was going to be great we could literally just walk down stairs and to the start from his apartment! Yet then sadly his grandpa passed away and plans quickly changed so hence the DNS for that race. One day Troy & I plan on running that race together. Honestly at that time I really didn’t consider myself a runner. Back then it took everything I had to keep a 10 min/ mile pace and I couldn’t make it through a race without walking at some point. Clearly things have changed since then but still that half marathon distance isn’t my friend.
The first half marathon I completed was the inaugural Savannah Rock & Roll 1/2 and honestly it was terrible! I have never been so disappointed in an event and have often (even today because I’m wearing the shirt, hey it’s a cute shirt probably my favorite thing about that event) told people that I don’t recommend it and that I won’t do it again. I was slow as molasses in that race and oh I was also about 9ish weeks pregnant with Ceci so that probably didn’t help either.
My 2nd half marathon came during the Critz Tybee Run Fest. I do not think I’ll do the whole run fest again but the half marathon course was pretty good and I’d consider doing that one again. Ok now this race we were literally turtles (“slow & steady still gets you there) and finished in over 3 hours, they started the next segment of the run fest before we even got there, our husbands came back on the course after they finished to find us – it sucked. Oh and by the way I was like 22ish weeks pregnant with Ceci at the time which once again probably didn’t help.
My 3rd half marathon was Disney; day 1 of the Goofy Challenge. No joke, about .3 mile into the race I tripped over a road reflector and sprained my ankle! I still had 39 miles to do for the Goofy Challenge oh and at the time I was having knee issues! I will simply say that it wasn’t pretty but somehow I got it done.
Half Marathon #4 was the MRTT (Moms Run This Town) Winter Runnerland. It was a blast and a gorgeous day which was nice since the days prior had been crummy! I just ran for fun and hung out chitchatting the whole time. Caution, if you run with me, I will talk your ear off!
#5 was also a MRTT virtual, this time it was the “Running Mad” it was again super fun event and the first time I split a virtual race up over 2 days. I did just the 10K at our group run and then finished up on my own (not as fun) the next day.
#6 was my first totally solo virtual half marathon, the Dog Days of Summer benefiting Grateful Golden’s. Well I guess I shouldn’t say totally because day 1 I went for 4.5 miles with my dog, Toby. Day 2 was a struggle and I took Tedy and Ceci with me in the jog stroller and pulled a Liz DeLise first…half way through I was literally swimming in my shirt it was so hot and humid. I was mentally having a difficult time making it through the 8.6 miles and I had just over 4 to go at that point. I said screw it and finished my run in my sports bra and shorts. I never thought I’d do something like that but it was refreshing considering how humid and nasty sweaty I was. Every mile of that run was a struggle. Too many times I wanted to quit. I was so self- conscious of what I looked like stretch marks and all. Yet at the same time I didn’t care. I mean I was out for a decent run and pushing 60 lbs worth of kiddos it was a work out! I was so happy I finished that half.
Now lucky #7 is this Saturday, the milestone half marathon. It’ll be a training gauge for the Marine Corps Marathon and I’m still very torn on how to approach it and also how to approach MCM when that day arrives. I’ve had such terrible experiences with the half marathon distance that truly my only goal is to get it done and leave it all out on the course. To make it a positive experience after a string of crappy ones. Deep down I’d love to finish sub 2 hrs but that might be pushing it. So 2 hrs ish is my goal. So here’s to the dog days of summer coming to an end and also to putting negative half marathon experiences behind me and moving onto the next adventure.


3 thoughts on “Dog Days of Summer (half marathoning)

  1. Haha, I told Scott how horrible it was that they came back looking for us like that. He was like “What?! I thought that was being nice?” I told him it was a little humiliating and I was personally pissed. At least our times, especailly yours, have improved since then. Good luck this weekend!! Let me know if you need anything at all!

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