Running Tutu

Running has changed a bit for me in these past few years. Honestly, I never thought I’d see the day where I would spend the money to wear certain gear. It all started with running shoes – I used to be so cheap with my shoes until I started noticing my injuries. Then I started inquiring more about shoes and got fitted for a good pair. They were more than what I wanted to spend at the time but that was ok because it meant no co-pay to the doc for yet another injury. Then I got cheap again and just grabbed them from the outlets once I found a shoe that worked for me. That is still a totally ok thing to do by the way. I mean shoes have “seasons” too so if you really liked last seasons kicks why not go out and grab a second pair for half price?! Then this whole minimalist running thing started to show up more and more and I will admit that I was one of the biggest skeptics at first. Yet then I attended a natural running clinic and yet again went through another fitting for shoes. I’ve attended numerous running clinics since then and have really focused on improving my running form. I’ve gotten significantly faster with the transition to “natural/minimalist” shoes. I mean seriously faster (to me…quick PSA about running, it isn’t about others it’s about you – you are the one racing the clock! “Winning” is nice but don’t get too caught up in all of that. I don’t care who you are and how fast you run; I care about you knowing that you gave it your all in a race, that you proudly left it all on the course, etc – this is something I have to constantly remind myself of by the way) 5K time was typically a push to finish in 30 minutes and now my 5K time in a triathlon is typically under 25 minutes. I am very much looking forward to running my first stand alone 5K (since April) in a couple of weeks. I’ve been doing triathlons all spring and summer so it’ll be cool to have a stand alone 5K. It’ll be especially cool because the one I am doing is the same one I PRd (at the time) last year. It was my first 5K with all this new natural running knowledge under my belt. The Pooler 5K will also be the first time I wear a running tutu!

This running tutu thing has been something I’ve wanted to do for a while! Yet honestly I wasn’t a huge fan of what was on the market. I knew that I could make my own. Yet I didn’t like the way the traditional way of making a tutu would ride up on me. I also didn’t like that I’d have to wear multiple layers with shorts underneath. So then one day while wandering around Wally World (yes I confess sometimes I wander around stores and just browse, often wasting time and occasionally buying something) I saw $5 compression shorts. I knew right away that they’d be perfect for my tutu, so I grabbed a pair and got the creative juices flowing a bit more. I added tulle to my hobby lobby shopping list because I knew I didn’t have enough at home to make a full tutu, and then I got to work. The picture above is the final product. When I posted this on my Facebook page I received a request to share how it was made.
So here’s what I did…
First things first, here are the items needed:
• a pair of compression shorts
• 2 x 25 yard rolls of fashion tulle (you can play around with this a bit here but it worked perfectly for me)
• needle and thread
• measuring tape
• fabric scissors

…and here’s how you make it:
1) wash the shorts
2) measure out (about) 26 in pieces of tulle. (I got approximately 35 pieces from one spool).
3) take 2 pieces of tulle, fold in half and knot together. (I used two colors so I would just knot the red to the blue)
4) take out plenty of thread to string your knotted pieces of tulle together (this step makes adding them to the shorts easier)
5) using a new strand of thread (you will need it to be looooong – I just wrapped around my waist a couple of times, doubled it over and that was plenty) individually sew on each knotted section of tulle.

TaDa- you now have a cute new running tutu with built in shorts! ENJOY!

(I hope those sewing instructions made sense for the people that wanted to know how I did it – sometimes I just do crafty things and I’m not totally sure how to explain it, it’s part of the magic of the relaxation that crafting gives me).


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