Jax Triathlon Series – Sprint Tri Race #2 Review

On the eve of Race #3 I realize I haven’t posted my review of Race #2 yet – oops – sorry. Please forgive me, life has been thrown for a loop over here! Actually it was a huge factor in Race #2 – I confess between Race #1 and Race #2 I did not put in my usual training. I took a little bit of a break to recover after Race #1 but I confess I ate like crap! Then starting in July I did my annual 7×7 challenge and things started looking up. I was going great until the 7th and that’s when things came to a screeching halt! The full story is one for the book but to make a long story short I received a phone call that no military spouse wants to receive – Troy was hit by an IED. It was the most whirlwind week of my life ever and thankfully it ended with Troy coming home. I had one more week until my second tri in this series but I confess I still didn’t do much the week before. I was stuck in survival mode and adjusting to Troy being home. Thankfully my dad had already planned to visit and was here when Troy got back so he helped out a ton with the kiddos and made sure we are. Though again I confess we ate out way more than usual because I simply didn’t feel like cooking.
I had mixed emotions going into Race #2. I took away all previous goals I had set for myself because I hadn’t been training like I should. I just wanted to get through it and be done with the race and hang out with my family. Again the weather looked threatening and my friend Jillian requested I make a plea to King Neptune that the ocean and weather would be good to us on race day. Luckily he came through again. The ocean was fairly calm (nothing in comparison to the craziness of Race #1) and the skies were overcast but thankfully no rain.
We had stayed at Troys Aunt & Uncles house the night before but this time my dad, Troy and the kiddos all woke up at the butt-crack of dawn to journey with me to the race. I was so thankful that I would have people there to support me and cheer me on and be there at the finish. I mean I know I will always have my tri family but having actual family there means so much to me!
When we got there Troy checked my bike and brought it over for me to go check into the transition area. I set up my spot and soon after saw Jillian and her husband Joel (he’s a triathlete as well and recently returned from being deployed to Afghanistan). Then I found Lisa and her husband Scott (he had literally just gotten back from Afghanistan a few days before so I’m glad he was able to be there as well). When we went out onto the beach and stood there chatting it was an amazing site to me; here we stood, 3 army wives whom have trained like crazy and raised kids, etc all while our husbands have been deployed to Afghanistan! We stood there with our husbands support and for once they were able to physically be there to show their support – it was simply amazing! Though it was weird to have Troy there because technically his deployment was only half over well I was thankful he came home to me because it could’ve been worse.
Just before the swim started Jillian gave me some pointers on where to go for the swim so I wouldn’t get caught up in the crowd. When the siren went off so did I, I didn’t hold back for once! I got a little caught up in the bottle neck going around the buoy but for the most part it was a good swim. The ocean was much calmer which was nice. I had to pause once because my goggles got fogged up but after that I was good to go and rounding the buoy to the finish in no time! I ran as hard as I could out of the ocean and to the transition area. It was kind of a bummer that they didn’t have the fresh water shower on this time around.
T1: I had my water bottle set on my aerobars and was looking forward to having some hydration on the bike but when I went to unrack my bike BOOM the bottle came crashing down! So much for that, so I took a moment and hydrated before heading out of transition.
Bike: As usual I said my rosary while out on the bike but for the most part I just pedaled along. I did drop into my aerobars more than usual which felt good.
T2: racked the bike, slipped into my newtons and headed out on the run.
Run: I felt a little tired and my legs felt heavy. By this point I could truly feel my two weeks of not training and not sleeping. Luckily I knew this was the last leg and it wouldn’t be much longer until I’d be done for the day. It was good to see Jillian and get my high-five from her – it’s almost like an energy boost when we exchange that high-five! When I reached the water station I stopped and walked a bit while I took in my cup of water. After that I saw the turn around point and sped up a bit for the second half of the run. Just before the exit from Ft Clinch I saw Lisa and gave her a high-five. Once in the home stretch I just sprinted to the finish. It felt so good to hear and see my family and friends there cheering for me!
Here are my results from Race #2
Swim: 7:06
T1: 1:40
Bike: 58:51
T2: 1:18
Run: 26:26
Total: 1:35:21
8th in age group.
All in all considering the circumstances I am pleased with how I did. Going into Race #3 I’m 5th in my age group with a total time of 3:08:01. I’ll admit I still haven’t been at the top of my training game but I’m excited and looking forward to completing this course one last time and truly leaving everything I have out on the course.


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