Will Run For Ice Cream

No joke July is National Ice Cream month and well I admit I have a thing of ice cream in my freezer (I swear I didn’t buy it this time though – an enabler friend did – not like I’m complaining lol) and I also often crave soft serve after a workout on a hot summer day.  Well folks now that I’ve been honest with you about that let’s run (workout) for ice cream this week.  Now don’t go overboard but seriously savor that sweet summer treat this week!  

Also, here’s the workout with Rambling Mom schedule to help earn that ice cream.  I hope some of y’all can join me – and hey maybe we will grab some soft serve together after.  If not, make it fun and enjoy a run to grab an ice cream or as one of my friends likes to do, take a bike ride to an ice cream shop.  Enjoy!




One thought on “Will Run For Ice Cream

  1. Adam just made homemade ice cream last night. I can’t wait to try it today. One of the good things about being pregnant is that I don;t feel too bad indulging in my favorite treat: ice cream.

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