Take A Chance On Me

Sometimes being a stay at home mom really gets to me. It is a feeling I have been battling ever since the day I stopped working. Deep down I know it was the right decision for our family and yet there’s a piece of me that feels like I need to be doing something more to contribute. I love to run and particiapte in triathlons; I had always been on some sports team as a kid so transitioning to running and triathlons as an adult was only natural.  Training for and participating in various races has immensely helped my stress level. Oh the stressors of life are still very much there but having an event to train and look forward to is my “me” time and it helps melt some of the stress away.  Here’s the downside – it gets expensive!  I have an ultimate goal of completing an Ironman Triathlon (hopefully in the 2015 season) but there’s way more than the race entry fee for cost. Also, there are a bunch of “dream races” on my list!  Well recently a MRTT friend posted an opportunity for one of these “dream races” – Blue Ridge Marathon! They have an amazing opportunity to gain entry to the 2014 race by being an “official blogger” how cool would that be?! It would be the perfect “job” for me! So hopefully they’ll take a chance on me and choose Rambling Mom to be an official blogger for the 2014 race. By the way it is “America’s Toughest Road Marathon” you should see the elevation map! Simply training for an event like this will be a fun, crazy adventure as well! So keep your fingers crossed that this will be the first of many events for this Rambling Mom! Hopefully just another step closer to having some sort of sponsorship. I’ve been researching sponsorship and it is tough, especially since I’m not exactly an “elite” athlete. Though I guarantee if you looked at the heart of an athlete mine is just as big as an elite athlete because it is something I want to do, something I dream of doing and something I put my whole heart into to accomplish! Rambling Mom fans, if you know of any other opportunities like this please let me know and as always, THANK YOU for your support!


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