HAPPY July 1, 2013 FOLKS!  We are officially in the countdown mode to the end of the year!  I will flat-out admit that June was very BLAH for me and I am thankful for a new month and a new slate for a more positive outlook on life – it’s something that I have to constantly work on!  It is so easy to get bogged down, it is so easy to get caught up in the negative aspects of life, it is so easy to find excuses, so BOOM JULY = RE-BOOT LIZ DELISE!

First of all I want to challenge you – this will be my 3rd annual 7×7 challenge!  So I hope you can join me!  Here’s the thing, each day for the first 7 days of July, add a mile…so July 1 = 1 mile, July 2 = 2 miles, July 3 = 3 miles, July 4 = 4 miles, July 5 = 5 miles, July 6 = 6 miles & July 7 = 7 miles.  I’m adding some details this year – it HAS to be consecutive miles and HAS to be something you go out and do.  So sorry walking around the house and it adding up to a mile by the end of the day isn’t going to cut it.  You have to get out there and challenge yourself each day!  Also, you can walk, run, swim or bike for your miles.  (maybe next year I’ll actually come up with something so it can be an official Rambling Mom event).

Speaking of Rambling Mom – I’m DIVING IN folks!  I’ve been praying about what I want to do in this next phase of my life (I’m almost 30; 3.5 months to go).  It has taken me a long time to reconcile with the fact that I do not “work” and that I’m a “stay-at-home-mom” (it’d be nice if I actually stayed home a bit more and lived this so-called privileged special life that some people think I live).  Ok so 2013 has been the year of the triathlon and it’s been great but I want to start to take steps to an Ironman so that by 2015 I will have completed a FULL Ironman Triathlon!  In 2014 I would like to complete a Half Ironman Triathlon.  Yet the thing is I need your help, I need community, I need to reach out and find sponsors to help make this possible. Image So if you have any advice or connections to help me do so, however small or big it may be, please let me know!  I’ve even started a new email address for it and a FACEBOOK page!  So please if you’re on Facebook head to https://www.facebook.com/RamblingMom3 and “LIKE” my page 😀

The support I received from you all during June was such an inspiration!  You see, June was a very tough, in a super funk month for me.  Yet you all went to the Sweaty Bands website and voted for me everyday!  It came down to the wire and honestly, I thought I had lost; I was so surprised to see numerous text messages from friends when I was done with my workout at the Y this morning.  As promised, I will do a THANK YOU giveaway on my blog (as soon as the sweaty bands arrive) so please check back soon for details.  The picture below is the picture I submitted for the contest.  It means more than winning something to me.  You see, I’m wearing the Autism Sweaty Band and we were at an Autism Awareness Kids Race.  There had been a 5K before the kids race and I PR’d in that 5K and took 1st Place in my Age Group.  Tedy came in dead last for the kids race (though really it was just for fun) because he was distracted by the bouncy house at the opposite end.  Yet once he realized that people were clapping and cheering for him, I could see his face light up, and mine did too because even though we’re not sure where all the pieces of the puzzle fit in his autism journey, we know we have support through it all.  Winning the June Sweaty Bands Hot Looks contest proved even more to me that I have a pretty amazing support group around me!  Something I recently noticed about the t-shirts we are wearing in this picture is how much they ring true.  I have my Georgia Game Changers t-shirt on that reads “I’m A Game Changer” and Tedy has on a t-shirt that reads “My Time Will Come” and it got me thinking…I AM A GAME CHANGER!  Really, I hope that in some way, even if it’s just ONE person, I hope that I helped them to be motivated to start getting out there and living a bit more, enjoying life, maybe even pick up running, or challenge them to a new goal, and hopefully I helped to raise some awareness about autism.  Sometimes I wish Autism had a “look” because then it might make things easier to explain when Tedy’s in the middle of a meltdown or won’t talk or look at you, etc.  Yet then I realize that’s what make it so special, Autism doesn’t have a set “look” it’s not some nasty disease, it’s just Tedy!  He’s not a “cookie-cutter” and really, NO ONE IS!  We are all special, we are all amazing gifts from God!  Tedy’s time will come, heck it has already!  Just because his journey hasn’t followed a child development book doesn’t mean he can’t accomplish great thing.  I mean come on, at the age of 3 he’s completed 3 kids races and I know he’ll do more because he enjoys them and is always so proud of his accomplishments when he receives his medal.  One day he won’t get a medal for every race he does (that’ll be a post for another day, about “bling” overload) and it’ll be ok, I know he’ll be able to handle it.  He will enjoy running for the sake of running, just like I do – I’m not in it for the medals, it’s something deeper that not matter how I try, I can’t fully explain it.  I know he’ll be like this because already there are times when he looks at me and says “ready, set, go!” then takes off running!  I see that sparkle in his eye and smirk on his face, and know deep down that even though times are tough and life it’s exactly as I had pictured it, life is BEAUTIFUL and just as God intended!   DSC_0128

Speaking of how beautiful life is, I wanted to share with you all that it has officially been 1 year of running and breastfeeding with Ceci!  On July 1, 2012 Ceci was just 8 days old and I couldn’t hold back any longer so of course I went out for a run.  I only did a mile but still, it was a mile!  I continued the week with the 7×7 challenge and haven’t looked back since.  I hope to be a game changer as an inspiration to other mothers, especially to nursing mama’s.  IT IS HARD!  MOTHERHOOD IS HARD!  Yet YOU CAN DO IT!  PLEASE DO NOT let breastfeeding be an excuse to not work out and especially DO NOT let having kids be an excuse to not live a healthy lifestyle.  If anything, it should be just the opposite!  You should want to live a healthy lifestyle so you can in turn be an inspiration to your children to live healthy as well.  Disclaimer: I understand the medical side and that not everyone can be like me and jump back up a week after giving birth – I didn’t with my other two.  My point is, talk with your health care provider and LISTEN TO YOUR BODY!  Stay properly hydrated, eat well, do what works for you and your family to be the healthiest, happiest family you can be!  If you’re part of Moms Run This Town (MRTT) there is a specific Facebook group just for pregnant and nursing mama’s so please check it out – it’s a great way to find support from other mama’s that are breastfeeding and running.


me nursing ceci after a run wearing my fleur-de-lis Sweaty Band

Again, THANK YOU for being such amazing RAMBLING MOM FANS!  There’s more to come in the “new year” so please keep checking back and feel free to share the love with friends.  Finally, if you’re on Daily Mile, you can find me there and also sign up for an account to help track your workouts and join me in the 2013 7×7 challenge!



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