My Two Cents: Celebrity Mistakes

Ok folks this post is based on all of the stuff going on surrounding Paula Deen – here’s what I think: build a bridge and get over it! Don’t take away the woman’s entire livelihood just because she was a dumbass decades ago! I’m saying this and I don’t even like the woman! I’ve never liked her and her crazy love of butter. So you know what I did? I just didn’t support her! I’ve never been to her restaurant even though it’s right here in Savannah – I personally thought it was a crappy tourist trap sort of spot and simply had no desire to go so I didn’t! Honestly folks I’m kind of sick of the one sided overly politically correct bs in our society. Why hasn’t there been such an uproar over Alec Baldwin and his dumb mouth? Or what about that rapper dude that DESECRATED THE AMERICAN FLAG?!? Oh and guess what he’s said the “N” word NUMEROUS times! If it’s truly offensive then why is it allowed in any context? I don’t care what color or race you are it’s NOT OK to say offensive things like that. You treating your own “brother” like trash is only an example saying hey, it’s ok to treat him like trash. The theory oh I can say that because I’m such and such is absolutely ridiculous! I wouldn’t go around calling my son the “R” word and say “oh it’s ok, I’m his mom”. It’s not ok at all because then I’d be tempting others to call him that and to view him as such! The outrage over Paula Deen is a bit much – get outraged about real issues, get outraged at deeper issues, get outraged at what truly makes this an issue instead of laying all the blame on some lady and pointing the finger at her so much. Stop turning a blind eye to the deeper issues, stop finding easy excuses. Simply build a bridge and get over it already! Get on the other side of the bridge and use this as a teachable moment to not be such a dumbo with your language! Oh and if you don’t like a certain celebrity then don’t support them! Finally let me remind you of Maratha Stewart – another lady I simply didn’t like and never supported and still don’t support and look she’s bigger and better than ever after going to jail! Goes to show you the world we live in is truly a mixed up and crazy place!
End Rant.


One thought on “My Two Cents: Celebrity Mistakes

  1. Girl, you’re not the only local who hasn’t been to her restaurant. LOL!!! I don’t like her but I don’t dislike her. I have nothing against her but have just never made her recipes. They’re just a little too unhealthy for me. I may not eat healthy all the time, but I have my limits. HAHA! That being said, I’ve been told her restaurant is OK. It’s good but not worth the money unless you don’t eat from the buffet. Personally, we’re a cheap family so if we do go out somewhere expensive it’s rare and typically just me and TJ, and we’re not going to knowingly go someplace that people have said it’s OK about it just to say we’ve gone and not be that satisified, so we walk by, look at the lines and keep on going. And I’m not the type to head downtown at 8 am to wait in line for a spot to eat at 4pm. No, thank you!

    But, I do agree with you 100%. People are blowing this out of portion. She said it 20-30 years ago during a time when it was said a lot more than now (not that it makes it right). She admitted she made a mistake and she was sorry. And what’s worse, a white woman is suing her. That word has nothing to do with her, and if it does, why didn’t she sue back then? Because Paula Deen wasn’t worth it than, but now that she has millions, she wants to sue. It’s all about the money for this lady. UGH! People are stupid.

    OK, end rant! Thanks for letting me 😉

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