Support Your Local Winery

Since we lived in Williamsburg, Virginia and had the Williamsburg Winery near and the annual CIAO Italian Festival I have had a difficult time just buying wine at the store. I mean I still have but lately I find myself putting the bottle back on the shelf. Don’t get me wrong I really enjoy a nice glass of wine but I simply cannot bring myself to buy wine at the store anymore! Instead I like to support local wineries and it just so happens that I’ve recently discovered two great places down here in Georgia!

Watermelon Creek Vineyard - Glennville, GA

Watermelon Creek Vineyard – Glennville, GA

Butterducks Winery  - Guyton, GA

Butterducks Winery – Guyton, GA

The first was Watermelon Creek Vineyard in Glennville, Georgia and the second was Butterducks Winery in Guyton, Georgia. Each winery is a little different and they both had some phenomenal wines. They both had beyond amazing customer service and I’m sorry you just don’t get that from buying wine at Wally World for example. Plus you can TASTE the wine before you even buy a bottle! I will say I have a good collection of wine glasses from places I’ve visited but Butterducks was the first stemless wine glass I received for a wine tasting.  Both were kid friendly but I will admit my kids are good and I really don’t stress too much about bringing them to small wineries like this where I know we aren’t going to be there long – I’m lucky like that.  Yet some of these wineries do host family days where you can get more involved in the wine making process or just flat out celebrate the business.  Though I do admit, I’d like to go out for a ladies night or a romantic time with Troy but hey, I’ll take what I can.

Sophia at Watermelon Creek Vineyard - Glennville, GA

Sophia at Watermelon Creek Vineyard – Glennville, GA

So please, if you enjoy wine, take a moment and research your area and check out some local places! When you go to a local winery you’re doing more than enjoying wine – you’re supporting the local economy and small businesses in a BIG way! Also, if you’re visiting an area, it’s always fun to check out a winery there. I think I need to start a list of places I’ve visited and make a list of places I’d like to go. If you’re into RVing some of these vineyards allow you to camp with them check out Harvest Hosts for more info (I learned about that while visiting Watermelon Creek – how cool is that?!) Also, many of them make for romantic getaways, such as the Williamsburg Winery, they have a gorgeous hotel. Many of these places offer areas for wedding receptions or other parties – I think when Troy and I renew our vows (again) one day that I’d like to celebrate at a winery (it must be part of my Italian heritage) or at least have a photoshoot in the vineyards – so pretty!


Nancy & I at a work holiday party that was held at the Williamsburg Winery – Williamsburg, VA

Finally, local wines make an excellent gift for almost any occasion – I’ve been known to give bottles of local wine to friends and wouldn’t mind receiving them if you go visit a winery hint hint – I’ll be turning 30 in October and like a fine wine, I think I’m getting better with time 😉 or maybe it’s because I’ve learned to enjoy wines. So folks next time you go to buy wine, think twice, check out local places and as always – ENJOY!

Watermelon Creek Vineyard - Glennville, GA

Watermelon Creek Vineyard – Glennville, GA

Watermelon Creek Vineyard - Glennville, GA

Watermelon Creek Vineyard – Glennville, GA

Butterducks Winery - Guyton, GA

Butterducks Winery – Guyton, GA



2 thoughts on “Support Your Local Winery

  1. I need to check these out! I didnt realize there were any here! If you ever get the chance to go to the Atlanta area, there’s a winery about an hour northeast of Atlanta called Chateau Elan. It’s such a beautiful place and pretty incredible. I hear their wine is fantastic but I haven’t tried it. If you ever watched Richie Rich when you were a kid, the outside of his house is the main building at Chateau Elan, and the outside scenes were shot there. LOL!

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