Because things like to go bat sh!t crazy when he’s gone…


This year I was tagged in the above ecard on military spouse appreciation day and of course I passed it onto all of the other military spouses I know. This ecard rings so true, especially during deployment!
Now let me add a little disclaimer here I don’t mean for this to be an “oh poor me my hubby is deployed…” sort of post. I mean it as a “when things go bat sh!t crazy (because they will) when hubby is gone (military or civilian) take a moment to laugh…” sort of post. I will admit when my good friend’s hubby deployed last summer I was cracking up because her microwave exploded and then so many other things just kept going down hill and it was like omg when will it stop?! Then Troy deployed and guess what? My microwave lit up on the inside like a firecracker! It initially scared the crap out of me but then I unplugged it, wrote Troy an email about what happened, tossed it out the next day and then I started blaming the George Foreman Grill that was sitting on top of it and proceeded to tell Troy about how I once had a microwave ruin a computer and that was my reasoning. I lived without the microwave for a while but couldn’t take it much longer (I’ve lived without a microwave before) so I started doing some deeper microwave research and purchased a new one (Georgie is not allowed on top of this mic). That was just the first of many things to go wrong this deployment; trust me things went batty last year while he was at a training and even a couple years ago when he first joined the army and even when he was on the civilian side things would go haywire – so I firmly believe all spouses can relate to this post and if you haven’t yet oh just you wait!
For me there have been tons of little things that have gone “wrong” and whenever I tell Troy he laughs as well and isn’t so surprised. “Life’s always entertaining with Liz DeLise!” Well I’ve had the typical car troubles I even had a flipping kitten in my engine block and then my van not start and have to go in for repairs on my due date with Ceci (a blessing in disguise that she came “late”). I will say I’ve learned from the car troubles and now have a good emergency lot in the van. Hey ladies (and guys too) if you don’t have an emergency kit for your vehicle GO GET ONE! Oh and learn to change a tire while you’re at it! Luckily my Dad taught me well when it comes to cars and that stuff doesn’t stress me out too much but my “luck” with other things that have engines sucks! When Troy was gone at BCT (aka boot camp) back in 2010 I was out mowing the lawn (I actually find this relaxing – I know I’m weird) and then BOOM when moving from the back yard to the front yard it BLEW UP! Literally folks the top of the mower blew off, over the fence and well into the front yard! I left it there for a bit as I went and bought a new mower. I was shaky and considered myself lucky that no one got hurt. Then last summer when Troy was gone I realized my postage stamp of a yard needed a mower. Luckily a friend had just gotten a new one so I happily took her old one. It lasted almost a year before it died. I knew deep down that it was cashed but I had another friend that wanted to play Mr Fix It one day and well he got it going and BOOM – IT SHOT OUT OIL! Again luckily no one got hurt. The mower sat for a while and I finally put it out with the trash (though the trash guys didn’t take it sorry to whomever picked that thing up but it really was dead). I’ve learned my lesson with lawn mowers and I got a good ole fashion(ish) blade push mower – no gas or oil needed, just pure Liz DeLise power!

20130626-205617.jpg seriously I love this mower and find it even more relaxing than before to mow!
Let’s see, what else…coffee pots – apparently me and small appliances don’t get along very well (who am I kidding though me and appliances in general just don’t seem to get along for too long)! I’ve had probably 4 coffee pots in the past 5+ years of marriage – most of that is with breaking the carafe though. With this last pot my dad was the one who broke down and bought me a new coffee pot – I can live without it but apparently he can’t visit without it and also as a retired Army man knows that Troy won’t be able to live without it once he’s home.
Again, there are plenty of things that have gone haywire and some have better stories than others. Also, some things I can live without or wait for a long time to replace. Yet then there are the things that I simply cannot live without and now you will see what was my inspiration for this blog post – my washing machine. It’s been slowly dying and last month I commented to Troy that when we move I want a new washing machine. Well apparently my machine overheard that conversation and got mad at me because guess what, it’s on its last legs! It’s about to get replaced! Sadly we live in a “throw away” world and they simply “don’t make em like they used to!” I am glad I have a camp style washer but it’s not realistic for me to keep hand washing things! I know there are people in the world that have to do this and I feel for them but it’s a luxury I want back and it’s one I can have so guess what I’ll be a snob and go to Lowes and take advantage of the appliance sale they’re having. I will say though on the other hand, I wish it was my dryer that had given out! Seriously, I can live without my dryer – I mean I purposely try to not use my dryer as much as possible! I even recently went a whole week line drying EVERYTHING because it was nice outside. The only reason I stopped was because the typical June rains started. I find laundry hanging on the line to be a beautiful site!

On a serious note about the right to line dry please visit Project Laundry List to learn more. Many people in our country struggle to pay bills and some can’t afford a dryer luckily we have this amazing thing called the sun to help us out yet sadly there are many places that do not allow you to have laundry lines! I personally think it’s a bit silly and think in this economy that allowing folks to have laundry lines could help a ton! It could help save electricity and also cut the expense of a dryer (like I said if mine died I wouldn’t be as quick to replace it – yet then again I know, I’m a weirdo). Ok so quickly back to the funny of this whole story to wrap things up…I accidentally took a second shower today – I had decided to go through all of the trouble shooting steps for my washing machine again and one if the steps is undoing the hoses and cleaning them out. Well smarty pants me decided it would be a good idea to turn the water on and well guess what, the water flow for sure isn’t the problem because like I said, I accidentally took a second shower today! I couldn’t help but laugh as I moped up the mess I created. This wasn’t the first time I was moping up water for something silly – it reminded me of last year (when Troy was gone of course – sorry baby I love you and you’re not a bad husband I’m just trying to prove how true the ecard at the beginning of this post is) when Tedy stuffed a couple rolls of toilet paper into the master bedroom toilet and proceeded to flood the upstairs bathroom so badly that it leaked through the ceiling and proceeded to flood the laundry area downstairs (and a couple of other puddles downstairs). It really is funny when you think about it – how much goes wrong (I know it can’t just be me)! For me it’s helped me to put things into perspective, it’s helped me to laugh in times of stress (though I will admit there’s no longer any ice-cream in our house after today’s craziness) and think yep, I’ve got some good stories and hopefully the craziness I’ve been experiencing can help someone else out. I know deployment sucks, I know having your hubby gone (even for a night) can suck too. Yet instead of getting all bent out of shape when something goes wrong, just take a moment to be thankful for what you do have and remember, you’re not alone in this crazy world. You may not want to at the moment (trust me I don’t always want to smile about it) but just know that if you keep hunting the good stuff (thank you resiliency training) one day, you will look back and laugh realizing it wasn’t so bad and that it made for a good story.


2 thoughts on “Because things like to go bat sh!t crazy when he’s gone…

  1. Haha, I remember you texting when Tedy did that with the toilet. Yes, all these crazy things seem to happen when hubby isn’t home (even for the day it seems). I swear just as many things have gone wrong while Scott was on regular duty than deployed. Like when Logan slipped at the playground and bit through his lip, or the Rubbermaid shed in the back yard literally blew to peices and all over the neighborhood during a tornado warning, car batteries dying, washers/dryers not working, passing out on the kitchen floor the minute he backed out of the drive way on the Harley when I was pregnant with Logan and spending an hour of phone tag trying to get him home to get me to the doctor (and of course the messsage multiplied in severity by the time he got it). *Sigh* such is the life we live. But, like you said, it is not exculsive to the military. Its just life.

  2. Mandy says:

    I can totally relate to the upstairs toilet overflowing the upstairs master bathroom and water leaking through the kitchen ceiling lights. It was not a fun time either but you’re right; you have crazy fun memories and yes you gotta laugh through it all! 😉

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