Bulu Box Review

Lately it seems like the cool new thing to do is a surprise box subscription – they’re everywhere! There are ones for kids, dogs, make-up, you name it and there’s probably a box for it! Communications major me initially saw these box subscriptions as creative marketing to get you interested in a product in hopes of getting you to buy more from them. Of course I was right because many of these subscriptions contain coupons or more special offers from the companies show cased that month. Each box subscription slightly varies with how often and how much they charge and even how to customize your box (bark box for example is done based on the size of your dog).
I have many friends that have various subscriptions and reviews have been all over the place! Like I said, it’s the cool new thing to do! Well cheap me wasn’t buying it! I didn’t want to spend money on a box for my kids because I didn’t want more junk that they play with for like a day in my house. I haven’t gotten one for my dog because I rarely get him extra dog specific stuff (trust me the bub is very spoiled with table scraps from 3 kiddos). Then up until recently I hadn’t gotten one for myself because oh that’s right, I tend to be a cheapskate when it comes to this sort of stuff. I mean seriously what if I didn’t like what was in the box? I am picky (ask my hubby he claims I’m the hardest person to buy gifts for)!
Yet then I came across a “free” promo-code for bulu box and some other MRTT mama’s said they were going to try it as well. I checked out the website and read all of the fine print and they “claimed” to not have any hidden fees or anything sketchy. They “claimed” you could get a box for just one month and if you chose to do more than one that you can cancel at anytime. I read it again looking for the catch and I couldn’t seem to find one so I entered my info. Then it asked for a credit card to set up the account (boom found the catch) I wasn’t too pleased about that so I read through all the details again and they swore they weren’t sketchy! Well I proceeded and figured ok we will see how this goes and if they end up charging me I’ll complain. Well dear Bulu box this is my complaint! Guess what folks I got charged and I didn’t catch it in time to cancel. I wasn’t too upset at first because it was only $10 for 2 months worth of goodies and well let me tell you in my opinion the crap in the boxes wasn’t worth $10 to me! I was extremely dissapointed in the products (honestly there was only one thing I liked – this months gu chomps)! I will be forwarding this blog post onto bulu box to let them know that they are sketchy! Plus I have received way better things from local events than the tiny samples in what I was paying for with this box subscription!
You can view what my bulu boxes looked like via Instagram:
May Bulu Box
June Bulu Box
On a positive note I ordered another box for myself (of course I will review it when it arrives) because I liked what I saw in a friends post recently so clearly the whole getting a surprise box in the mail every month part is fun because hey, it’s not a bill! My advice to you is to a) not subscribe to bulu box and b) if you do something “free” and have to enter your credit card info well, chances are it really isn’t free so pay close attention to your accounts!
Do you participate in any monthly box subscriptions? I’d love to hear more about what you like or don’t like, etc.


2 thoughts on “Bulu Box Review

  1. I subscribed to Jacked Pack for a few months. It started with the sucker-you-in free month thing too. I thought it would be great since it was all sports nutrition/supplements and I was new to longer runs at the time. They gave me loads of stuff for the $15 but it nothing that I recognized for the most part. In reading the ingredients, I got quite concerned that I was getting involved in what might be banned substances, not to mention 200+mcgs of caffeine in some of it!

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