Are you drinking enough?

So I’m just about to celebrate my 3 year anniversary of being soda free! Woo-hoo! Yet I will admit I have a weakness for sweet tea! On the plus side though I’ve DRASTICALLY cut back on the coffee…I don’t make it at home anymore and I hit up Dunks or a local coffee shop for a medium (occasionally a large) iced coffee about once (sometimes twice) a week (I used to have that much easily in a day)! So onto the next phase – increasing my water intake. At first I got the huge thing of Gatorade powder from Sams and then I realized it still wasn’t what I wanted as a drink while running so I’ve been testing out some Nuun as well (so far I’ve only bought the blueberry pomegranate) yet that stuff is expensive so I’ve been saving it for my Saturday morning “long” runs. Then I saw an ad for this hydration coach water bottle on and I was intrigued. I shared it with my Facebook Friends and one dear friend, Melissa (check out her blog here) purchased it. I told her to keep me updated on what she thought about it and in turn I was inspired to see if I could drink 124 oz of water in a day. So here’s how the day has gone…
This morning I woke up and got one of my small Nathan water bottles; I filled it to the 5 oz line, drank it, had something to eat, filled it again, drank it, took my allergy meds, filled it again, drank it, took my juice plus, filled it again and started a tally. I was at 20 oz and those 20 oz were hard to swallow! I so badly wanted to brew up some sweet tea. I then proceeded to fill up one of my Polar water bottles and get ready for the day. I went to the Y for a swim workout and by the time I got back to my van I forced myself to finish the little bit left in the 24 oz bottle. We ran some errands and by the time I got home I had only consumed 44 oz. over the next house, after reading another friends post about having to drink a gallon of water a day, I forced myself to consume another 24 oz. I then realized a gallon was 128 oz and wondered if I should get a gallon jug to help me keep track. Literally all afternoon I had to concentrate on my water in take and just before dinner I hit that gallon goal! I rewarded myself with a nice glass if wine from Watermelon Creek Vineyard .
As I write this blog I realize that I do not drink enough water (deep down I knew it all along). I also realized that it’s hard and that I have to be very conscious about it. I literally had to turn it into a sort of game today to hit that goal! Well looks like the games have begun and I will be focusing on this more and more because I know deep down that proper hydration is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT for numerous reasons and now I need to make sure I do so!
What about you…are you drinking enough?


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