Wow what a cool day – people all over have been celebrating with discounts on races and gear, fun group runs, running clinics, etc.

So what did I do to celebrate?

Well this morning I forced myself to squeeze in a quick run (wore my road ID for the first time). I went sans kiddos and had to really force myself to get out there! The first time I went out I heard a thunderous BOOM! (Ugh – it’s the south in the summer – storms). I went and wandered around a new shop in Richmond Hill instead. Then I decided ok I haven’t heard anything in 30 mins (old lifeguard skills coming into play) so I might as well try again – I have 30 more minutes until I need to be back so here goes! I took off and my phone rings it was a stupid spam kind of call I was kicking myself for even acknowledging that call. I started running again and immediately realized yep it’s “summer” in south east Georgia = HOT & MUGGY!!! I was kicking myself for not bringing my fuel belt with me (hydration is important)! I kept on running and after the first mile split was announced by my map my run app I thought ok I know I can do better. So I pushed myself a bit more and dropped my time by over a minute – that was much better. Since I was running by myself, no jog stroller, no treadmill, I really focused on my form. As I turned the corner back to my final destination I slowed up a bit to “cool down” as much as possible given the humidity. I ended up going 2.5 miles in 19 minutes – I’m still shocked with my times – I love it! After talking to my sons therapists I realized I’m going to have a bit more training time so I need to be sure to pack properly for the day so I can easily go out and run!

As the day went on the storms came back and I cancelled a meet up I had planned with a friend because I don’t want to chance getting caught in a deluge complete with lightning! So I voted for my Sweaty Bands Hot Look (please go vote for me! Sweatybands.com/hotlook) and then decided to take advantage of one of the National Running Day deals. I did something I never thought I’d do I registered for a 50K. Yes a 50K – yes I meant to type that extra zero! How far is a 50K? Well…if a 5K is 3.1 miles then a 50K is 31 miles! Yes that’s more than a marathon! The Ledesma Sports Medicine Savannah Rails to Trails 50K will be my first ultra! It’s not until January 11th but it’s officially on my calendar and makes all of my upcoming events seem crazy real like holy macaroni what am I getting myself into? Yet I will say I’m no where near as nervous about running a 50K as I was in 2010 when I ran my first marathon. I think my mental game is improving.

Ok well the day isn’t totally done but that’s my big thing for National Running Day! So get out there folks – sign up for an event or go visit a local running store or go out for a quick run – ENJOY!


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