Please Vote For Me – Sweaty Bands Hot Looks Contest

As many of you know I LOVE my athletic headbands!  I wear them all the time (even when not working out).  When I learned that Sweaty Bands does a monthly giveaway I just HAD to enter!  But I NEED YOUR HELP!  Please go to (or click this link Liz DeLise.) every day during the month of June and VOTE FOR ME!  The picture is called “Autism Awareness”  It was taken by my dear friend that watched the kiddos for me as I ran an Autism Awareness 5K this spring.  The pic is of me running (with my Autism Awareness sweaty band on of course) with Tedy in the kids race.  The journey to learning that your child is on the Autism Spectrum is tough.  I often wonder if he will ever say to me “I love you”  I mean I know that he does love me but still never hearing those words from him stings.  This June marks a year into our Autism journey so it’s only fitting that I’m in the sweaty bands hot looks contest this month as well.  Oh a little bit more about that race we ran back in April (Autism Awareness month) – I won my age group and I PR’d running my first official sub 25 minute 5K.  As for the kids race – Tedy came in dead last, but that didn’t really matter to him.  This was his 3rd race and you can see it in his eyes that he enjoys running and also enjoys his “bling” [medal].  During the race, people cheered him on the whole way, that crowd showed me that there is hope, there is love, there is support in this roller coaster journey.  So here’s the deal folks…if I win the contest this month I will post a giveaway and share the sweaty band love!  THANK YOU!


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